Bathroom featuring backsplash of large formal porcelain slab with dark blue and white veining that looks like marble, large mirror, and dark grey floating vanity.



The new interior design trend of Dreamscape is influenced by the desire to escape the demands, disappointments, and pressures of the physical world while finding relaxation, fulfillment, and many times, a new identity in the digital world. The rise of gaming, virtual reality, phygital interactions, and the metaverse has developed within us a familiarity with digital visuals. Over time, an affinity for those types of aesthetics has been created, as they can bring a sense of calm and escape. As with all trends, color is the foundation of this interior design.
Blues, purples, greens, metallics, and black make up the Dreamscape palette. Mixed with these dreamy colors are geometric shapes, magic eye reverberations, ethereal lighting, and flowing movements. Metallic touches, slick finishes, and precision designs are hallmarks of this interior design trend that generously embraces the stereotypical look of science fiction and futuristic ambience.

Tile in Trend

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