TQL Stadium

 Creating a Visually Immersive Experience with Key Design Touches

Location: TQL Stadium: FC Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

Project Type: Tile and Countertops


* This product is no longer available

TQL stadium, the new home to FC Cincinnati, was a massive 3-year undertaking that had its grand opening in Spring 2021. Nestled in the heart of Cincinnati’s West End, the project was developed to create an inclusive community while embodying the spirit of the city and improving the lives of children through soccer. 

With a footprint of 12.4 acres equating to approximately 518,00 square feet, this project has been regarded as one of the most ambitious soccer-specific stadiums in the world. It was architected by Populous and designed in conjunction with SourceBlue to be more than just another sports stadium, but an all-encompassing upscale soccer experience.


“As a Cincinnati native and life-long resident, I have nothing but pride knowing TQL Stadium is a strong symbol of this city on the world stage,” said Jeff Berding, Co-CEO of FC Cincinnati. “We incorporated a lot of research and first-person feedback from fans and executives around the world with the goal of setting a new standard for both design and experience.”

From its inception, TQL stadium was designed with a forward-thinking mindset, bringing innovation, cutting-edge technology, and patron engagement to the forefront. As such, it was evident that TQL stadium needed an aesthetic to match the philosophy behind its creation. 


When it came to selecting the right vendor to further elevate the common areas through chic countertops, unique walls, and stunning backsplash throughout the private and common areas of this massive project, Daltile quickly rose to the top of the list. 


“SourceBlue has worked together extensively with Daltile in the past and when we started looking at this project,” said Angela Rogers, Business Development Manager at SourceBlue. “We felt that Daltile’s breadth of product selection, competitive pricing, and flexibility to provide material both from overseas and domestically were a good fit for the project’s aesthetic, budgetary, and schedule needs.

Daltile’s robust Rolodex of unique product options was one of the many deciding factors for SourceBlue. These brilliant Daltile selections not only provided SourceBlue with a unique aesthetic for TQL stadium but also remained competitive.


“We wanted everything in TQL Stadium to deliver a ‘wow’ factor for all fans that attend our matches, and we worked closely with our architects and design team to ensure no detail was overlooked,” said Shearer. “As we worked through the final stages of the construction process, it became clear that Daltile was the right choice for some of the finishes, and we are thrilled with the final product.”


Within many of the common areas at TQL stadium, you’ll see the countertops are Daltile’s world-renowned ONE Quartz Surfaces®. This functional yet chic assortment features an array of designs to fit any aesthetic.



The TQL Stadium’s bar wall and backsplash feature an emboldened dark surface area in the striking ONE Quartz Surfaces Broadway black and natural stone Antico Scuro in a picket shape. These avant-garde, sleek designs capture the very essence of elegance, giving each visitor and fan a glimpse into the timeless designs of tomorrow. 


The Medspace Tunnel Club features a standout product with Daltile’s ONE Quartz Surfaces Independence Calacatta. 


Throughout the TQL project, Daltile’s additions not only captured the original design intent, but they also both aligned with and elevated the experience of each FC Cincinnati fan, player, and supporter. Continuing with its legacy of visual strength, the presence of Daltile throughout TQL Stadium serves as the pièce de resistance to a project centered around inclusivity, legacy, and elegance. 


(This project included additional products not shown.)

* This product is no longer available

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