Style Spotlight

Rooftop patio with stacked stone-faced bar under a pergola, gray quartz countertops, pitcher of lemon water, and gray linen-covered bar stools.

Pair Up & Set the Scene

Objects centered and within a direct line of sight become the visual hero of any space. While you may have your flooring style in mind, don’t miss the opportunity to harmonize your outdoor space by pairing what is underfoot with the perfect outdoor wall tile. Complete your look with a striking countertop that may just take center stage. Selecting the perfect combination of products will unequivocally elevate your outdoor setting to a look that allures and dazzles.
Verticals Wall Complements

Wall Solutions paired just right.

Panoramic Porcelain Surfaces

Breathtaking views. Endless Possibilities. Panoramic Porcelain Surfaces™.

Natural stone countertops

Natural and Stunning XL Slab Surfaces.

Xteriors: All-Weather Solutions for Exterior Style

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