Bedroom with dark and light pink wall tile in a herringbone pattern, dark pink tufted headboard, light pink pillows and curtails, gray comforter, and wooden nightstand..

Elevate Life


Positivity has become one of the most effective antidotes to counteract the pessimism of the last two years, the trend of Elevate Life embodies a bold positivity! Elevate Life celebrates with mood-boosting colors, tactile fabrics, bold patterns, oversized proportions, visuals that are playful, quirky, silly, and objects embedded with positive memories.
The colors of Elevate Life embody the desire for fun, surprise, humor, and engagement by unleashing vibrant hues such as bright oranges, yellows, greens, blues, and fuchsia. These bright colors are partnering with psychedelic patterns and round shapes, bringing back the vibrant '60s and '70s mood. Such Avant-Basic design broadcasts loud retro vibes through unconventional shapes (think curvy, wavy, elliptical), bold geometric forms, sculptural silhouettes, and magic eye prints. The energy and optimism of the '80s is also back via the New Maximalist aesthetic blending bold patterns, oversized proportions, multicolor effects, color blocks, boucle, and velvet fabrics, as well as floral motifs and the iconic Barbiecore.

Tile in Trend

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