Resort outdoor bar with off-white subway tile backsplash, beige slab countertop, white tile base, and wooden bar stools.

Elevate Your Hardscaping Projects with Daltile’s Exteriors Program

As a hardscapes contractor, you understand the importance of precision, innovation, and efficiency in your projects. Daltile’s Xteriors program is tailored to enhance your expertise and equip you with the cutting-edge resources you need. Here’s why Xteriors is the preferred choice for contractors seeking to elevate their craft in hardscaping.

Unmatched Installation Training

Daltile's Xteriors program offers "Best in Class" training opportunities, designed to refine your installation skills and expand your possibilities. Our collaboration with leading vendors ensures you receive comprehensive insights into installing 2CM porcelain pavers across various applications.

Innovative Solutions for Permeable Applications

With increasing environmental concerns, managing stormwater runoff is more critical than ever. The Xteriors program partners with industry pioneers to deliver multiple system options for permeable applications. These solutions not only help capture and recharge groundwater on-site but also prevent waterborne pollutants from entering our storm sewer systems.

Customization for Unique Projects

Daltile’s global network of product vendors and fabricators allows you to source and customize materials that perfectly fit the specific needs of your projects. From unique aesthetic designs to specific functional requirements, our ability to supply "one-of-a-kind" solutions makes your vision achievable.

Robust Local Support Across North America

With the largest salesforce and distribution network in the tile and stone industry, Daltile provides unparalleled local support across North America. Wherever your projects may be, our dedicated team is ready to assist you, ensuring you have the necessary resources and support to succeed.



Our commitment to quality and durability is underscored by robust warranty offerings that protect your investment and your reputation. Daltile’s warranties cover a range of scenarios to ensure your projects stand the test of time with confidence. With Xteriors, you are not just installing; you're building a legacy of quality and trust.


Navigate the complexities of hardscape installation with our detailed guides and resources. From technical specifications to step-by-step instructions, our installation guides are crafted to provide clarity and support at every step of your project. These resources are designed to ensure that every installation is executed flawlessly, further reducing the likelihood of issues post-completion.

Choose Daltile’s Xteriors program to advance your hardscape installations, embrace innovative environmental solutions, and create unique, memorable projects. Join us in setting new standards in the hardscaping industry.

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