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Cirrus Storm

Part of: Natural Stone Marble


The natural elements of Raine™ are displayed throughout this beautiful assortment. With white and grey tones in a variety of tile sizes and mosaics, this natural marble collection embodies exquisite designs where no two pieces are the same.

Additional Colors

Available Shapes and Sizes

: DA32
: 3/8
: 2
: Honed
: H: High
: China
: DA33
: 3/8
: Irregular Shape
: Tumbled
: H: High
: China
: M018
: 3/8
: 12X24, 3X9
: Polished
: R: Random
: China

Available Trim (1)

Petite Pencil Rail
Petite Pencil Rail
Shape Number: 1/212PPR

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