Feeling Blue?


A once boring estate is completely transformed by the big bold blasts of azure hues when Tamara and her team help new homeowners shower their dream house in all shades of blue.


This stunning kitchen countertop and backsplash is natural stone Marble in Circo White.


Coordinating with the kitchen, the dry bar countertop is also Circo White Marble.

Living Room

The beautiful tile surrounding this fireplace is our fire-resistant, natural stone Sublimity™ in Namaste herringbone.


The bathroom floor is Vertuo™ in Composer, matte 24x24 tile.


The shower floor is also Vertuo™ in Composer, in matte chevron tile.

Laundry Room

The laundry room flooring is Vertuo™ in 12x24 Bravura.


This subway wall tile is our glass Color Wave™ in 3x6 Ice White.

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