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When it comes to tile and natural stone on the floor, slip-resistance is a main consideration, especially in bathrooms or industrial installations. 
DCOF, or dynamic coefficient of friction, is a measurement that determines how much friction there is on wet, level floors when walked upon. The results of DCOF testing helps us determine the likelihood of whether or not a tile surface could contribute to someone slipping and/or falling. Then we can recommend the most appropriate tiles with the right slip-resistance for your project.
Learn more about recommended DCOF values for different applications before you select your tile in Factors to Consider.

Safety Testing

Daltile was among the first in 2012 to join the Tile Council of North America in testing our products with DCOF AcuTest®. It is the most accurate test to measure dynamic coefficient of friction on ceramic tile and meets ANSI A137.1 testing procedure.

We no longer use SCOF testing because DCOF more realistically measures conditions of walking on tile. DCOF AcuTest® uses slightly soapy water instead of clean water to recreate environments where slipping occurs.

The DCOF AcuTest® has determined that 0.42 wet is the standard for tile that can be used in potentially wet and level applications.  

Now you can be even more confident in your design knowing that Daltile is using the newest, most accurate test for flooring applications.


StepWise™ is a technology infused into tile that makes it 50% more slip resistant than regular tile. It is ideal for homes and businesses that expect more from their tile.
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