Bedroom with white canopy over a king-sized bed on gray stone look porcelain slab flooring and raised platform, and gray marble look porcelain slab headboard wall.

Tender Living


Care and compassion find their voice through the Tender Living mindset, reclaiming care to the fullest: care for self, others, and the planet. Tender Living fosters well-being, cocooning, inclusivity, and regeneration — expressing itself through Biophilic Design, multi-sensorial interaction, natural colors, sustainable practices, the beauty of imperfection, and neutral Scandinavian style.
Tender Living’s color scheme supports us physically and mentally by stimulating mindfulness. Its palette includes variations of off-white, smooth grays, beiges, and colors inspired by nature’s rare beauty and slow crafts: green from deep forest to sage tones, sky and darker blues, burnet brown (think eggshells). Tender Living finishes and materials celebrate nature and stimulate our senses through organic and wavy shapes combined with fluted surfaces. This aesthetic also embraces imperfection by highlighting untreated surfaces, such as exposed cement, kintsugi finishing, and texturized ceramics. Interiors combine Scandinavian Minimalism with Biophilic design — creating an Organic Modern style. A key hallmark of Tender Living is connecting with nature, both indoors and outdoors.

Tile in Trend

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