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Patterned floor tile

Patterns Perfected

Transform your space through the unmistakable beauty of tile patterns. With so many from which to choose – and so many ways to use them to your room’s best advantage – you’ll find the right pattern to create a look like no other.  

Helpful Hints

  • Never assume a room is perfectly square – always square off from the center and begin pattern along one edge.
  • To avoid rough edges on tile, always float the floor to a level state before installing tile.
  • Always round to the next highest footage when calculating square footage of tile needed.
  • Random is not a pattern, but a specific look designed by the installer. Most random arrangements need to work on these percentages:

    • 12" x 12"    60%
    • 6" x 12"     40%
    • 6" x 6"       40%

  • When installing tile in a random configuration, the percentages of tile for the three sizes involved do not add up to 100%, in order to allow for different looks throughout the installation. These percentages will also allow for coverage needed due to centering of the layout.

    • Modular patterns, if laid according to this guide, will have a solid grout frame every three feet.
    • Each diagram represents nine square feet.
    • A dark outline on the pattern indicates where tiles begin to repeat


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