Create designs with a high degree of movement and flow using three-tile patterns. Compare pattern styles, tile size and more to find your perfect design.


Tile pattern created with one square tile, two rectangular tiles equaling the dimensions of the square tile, and four smaller square tiles equalling the dimensions of the square tile.



Broken Joint

Tile pattern created with one large square tile, one large rectangular tile, and one larger square tile arranged in an L shape.


Tile pattern with one large square tile surrounded by smaller square and rectangular tiles.

Plain Weave

Tile pattern with one large square tile next to smaller square and rectangular tiles that equal the measurement of the larger square.

Tip Toe

Tile pattern with three different size square tiles arranged with the largest then two smaller tiles and medium tile stacked next to the larger square.

Triad Hopscotch


Block Trellis

Linear Stack


Modular Rectangle

Corridor Layered

Checkered Diamond

Diamond Corridor

Tile pattern with two square tiles surrounded by smaller rectangular tiles and a smaller square in the corner.

Corridor Modular

Tile pattern created with a column of rectangular tile then a column of square tile, column of rectangualr tile then a column of smaller square tiles all in a grid pattern.

Pinwheel Modified


Staggered Vertical Brickwork

Tile pattern with three rectangular tiles of varying widths arranged in offset columns.

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