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RevoTile Basics

What is RevoTile?

RevoTile is a revolutionary new porcelain tile that installs more than two-times faster than standard tile. The RapidPrep™ underlayment, RapidGrout™, and ClicFit™ technology allows easy, quick installation without the mess of mortar, spacers, or long wait times.

How is RevoTile different than standard tile?

RevoTile offers the same durability and benefits of standard porcelain tile. The only difference is the ClicFit™ technology that allows for the click-together installation that makes the process quick and easy.

Does RevoTile look different from standard tile?

RevoTile is regular tile on the surface. The only difference is the ClicFit™ technology and that doesn’t show after installation but provides perfect spacing for perfect grout lines.

What is the core made of? Is it SPC?

RevoCore is a revolutionary core with a proprietary blend of composite materials designed to enhance the product performance.

How much does RevoTile cost?

The price of the full RevoTile package (with RapidPrep Underlayment & RapidGrout) is comparable to having basic builder grade tile or higher end floating floor installed – BUT you get a stylish, premium porcelain product upgrade. Plus, RevoTile is backed by a Residential Limited Lifetime Warranty when installation instructions are followed.

Does RevoTile have a warranty?

Yes. RevoTile genuine porcelain tile floor is backed by a Limited Lifetime Residential Warranty, when installed using RapidPrep and RapidGrout.

Is RevoTile waterproof?

Yes. It is also slip-resistant, stainproof, dentproof, scratch-resistant, fire-resistant, and easy to clean.


Can traditional grout be used?

RapidGrout is required to comply with the RevoTile warranty.

What is the grout joint width for each size platform?

6 x 24 – 3/16” (pressed)
12 x 24 & 6 x 36 – 1/8” (rectified)

How many colors of grout are available?

Ten neutral colors in white, gray, and brown palettes.


Who can install RevoTile?

Anybody! Any type of flooring installer can easily install RevoTile. Even do-it-yourselfers can install RevoTile.

How to install RevoTile?

Installation is a simple 1, 2, 3 step process. 

• Place the underlayment

• Click tiles together
• Grout immediately

For further details, see the installation guide.

Do I have to use RapidGrout and RapidPrep underlayment?

To comply with the warranty, RapidPrep and RapidGrout are required.

Can I put RevoTile over existing floor?

Yes. RevoTile can be installed over many existing flooring surfaces, including tile.

How long does it take to install RevoTile?

Install time depends on the size of the room. It takes half the time to install RevoTile as it takes to install standard tile. With RapidPrep, there no mortar to wait for and ClicFit eliminates the need for spacers. You can install the tile and the grout the same day.

Can underfloor heating be used with RevoTile?

 Yes. Calorique Perfectlywarm, 0.8MM film heating system has been tested and approved for use with RevoTile.

What are the subfloor leveling requirements?

The requirements are the same as other flooring, 3/16” over 10 feet.

Is RevoTile approved for exterior applications?

No. It cannot be used outdoors.

What joist spacing is allowable?

RevoTile is certified at 16” and 20” over center with 5/8” plywood deck

What transitions can be used with RevoTile?

Any 125 Schluter transition can be used with RevoTile. Expansion joint requirement – standard over 100 linear feet.

Can I do a herringbone pattern with RevoTile?

No. ClicFit is not designed to do this type of installation.

How long does RevoTile need to acclimate to freezing climates?

No acclimation is required if the tile is stored and installed in above freezing temperatures of 32 degrees Fahrenheit. If stored below 32 degrees, an acclimation period of 12 hours is required.


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