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Rhythmic design and cool concrete tones are the foundations of Sector™. Add distinctive visual and textural interest to your space with this unique system featuring three structures mixed to create high, medium or low pattern effects.

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Concrete Look
Floor Floor
Wall Wall
Countertop Countertop
Special Usage
Not Exterior Floor Exterior Floor
Not Shower Floor Shower Floor
Colorbody Colorbody Porcelain
Special Features
TruEdge TruEdge
Reveal Imaging Reveal Imaging
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The Sector™ collection features five versatile colors with small geometric elements in three graduating structure designs that create varying depth and texture. Take full control of your design by using one structure on it’s own or by mixing structure patterns for a truly customized look. Want even more relief in your design? Pair with coordinating solid tiles offered in the Flat™ collection.

  • Low level of dynamic texture
  • Minimal depth change for a simple design
  • Medium level of dynamic texture
  • Mid depth change for increased pattern
  • High level of dynamic texture
  • Maximized range of depth change for dramatic design

Product Design Consultant Gensler

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