Travertine embodies the classic stone aesthetic found in ancient Roman monuments. Our travertine collection leaves a lasting impression with its neutral color palette in traditional tile sizes, planks, extra-large slabs, a wide array of mosaics, and coordinating trim.

Rustic outdoor pool, spa, and fountain with tan travertine natural stone, aloe, saguaro and senita cactus in ground covered with rocks.

Travertine Collection

Our Travertine Collection features majestic natural stone travertine in traditional tile sizes.
Harmonizing decorative tile, trim, and mosaics are also available in many of these selections.

Travertine Slab

This extra-large travertine slab creates exquisite seamless countertops and vanities.
Available in variable sizes in 3cm or 2cm thickness.

Decorative Travertine Series


Travertine slabs create seamless elegance, and travertine tiles bring sophistication to every space, but some projects call for a twist on the traditional. This is the reason we created Decorative Travertine.


Daltile exclusives, these travertine mosaics and bath accessories bestow a historic ambiance to kitchen backsplashes, bathroom vanities, showers, feature walls, and really any surface that could profit from a touch of ancient charm. 

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