Kitchen with beige & brown granite island with built-in sink, beige limestone backsplash, beige cabinets, hood vent, and floating shelves.



Granite's distinctive granular appearance and unmistakable movement bring vitality to any surface. It naturally resists damage from abrasions, chemicals, and etching, delivering a durable surface that never ages. Our natural stone granite line encompasses extra-large slabs, floor and wall tile sizes, and decorative mosaics.

Granite Collection


Our collection of natural stone granite features a variety of tile sizes and finishes.

Granite Slab


Granite countertops have been a favorite for decades. These extra-large granite slabs create alluring seamless granite countertops you will treasure for a lifetime. Available in variable sizes in 3cm and 2cm thicknesses.

Decorative Granite Series


This decorative granite series features a lustrous blend of glass and natural stone granite in your choice of random linear or straight joint mosaics.

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