Rhythmic design and cool concrete tones are the foundational building blocks of Sector. These 12 x 24 ColorBody™ porcelain tiles feature small geometric elements in three graduating structure designs that create varying depth and texture. Take full control of your design by using one structure on its own or by mixing structure patterns for a truly customized look. Add distinctive visual interest to your space with this unique system when you combine these high, medium or low structured pattern effects with these five versatile colors. 



Subtle in structure, add in some relief with this low pattern visual. Or use all on it’s own for a smoother visual feel. 
Shown in Element Aerial. 


Offered in all five colors, this medium pattern visual tones down in texture while still adding in plenty of depth. 
Shown in Cinder Faction.


A high pattern visual offered in five monochromatic colors. Start with this structure to build dramatic texture.
Shown in Slate Matrix. 

Sector™,  Flat™, and My City™ were developed by Daltile® in collaboration with Gensler, serving as product design consultant.

Coordinating Series

Conference room with off-white textured wall, white stone-top table with brown suede chairs, off-white floor tile.


Restaurant dining room with black tile with copper designs on the floor and wall, white seamless slab wall tile, white tables and black leather chairs.

My City™

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