Core Fundamentals™

Introducing Core Fundamentals, our selection of the most popular red body ceramic floor, wall, and mosaic tile. These selections mainly focus on the three most beloved colors: white, gray, and beige to make designing any room easy.
Core Fundamentals follows a tier price program, Choice is the lowest, while Prime is the highest. These three tiers offer a lively amount of tile of different sizes and mosaics to mix and match to create a notable design for any budget.

Choice Tier

The Choice Tier highlights the basics with a variety of floor tile in four different sizes, with a complementary mosaic excellent for everyday use.

Advantage Tier

The Advantage Tier is rich with a combination of different floor sizes and mix of mosaics to excite design to mix and match or create a cohesive look.
Large bathroom with large windows, soaker tub, grey vanity, with blue fish scale mosaic tile on the wall.

Prime Tier

The Prime Tier provides all the essential benefits of tile while offering and array of different looks and decorative accents to heighten design.
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