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DCOF appropriate tile on the floor

Reading Test Results

In layman’s terms, friction is the force that resists the sliding motion of one surface against another. Contaminants, such as liquids, can change this value. Understanding coefficient of friction is important because it can help determine the likelihood of whether or not a tile surface could contribute to someone slipping and/or falling.


Download Daltile's DCOF Brochure

Learn the importance of knowing DCOF information before you select your tile in Factors to Consider.

Safety Testing

Daltile was among the first to join the Tile Council of North America in testing our products with DCOF AcuTest:
-    The new industry standard for measuring the dynamic coefficient of friction
-    The most accurate way to determine whether or not a product is suitable for a commercial environment
-    At Daltile, we won’t settle for anything less

Now you can be even more confident in your design knowing that Daltile is using the newest, most accurate test for commercial flooring applications.