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Specing green manufactured products is faster—and easier—than ever, thanks to an all-new industry standard.

Daltile is proud to champion innovation within the industry, as one of the first to support Green Squared, a new standard for sustainable projects. Most of our products have already achieved Green Squared Certification and meet the industry’s toughest green standard to date.

Daltile is committed to innovation—and we’re among the first to join the Tile Council of North America in holding our products to an even higher standard. Introducing: Green Squared, the TCNA’s third-party sustainability certification initiative, designed to help you best identify products that meet all ANSI A138.1 standards.

All of the company’s U.S. facilities and its Monterrey, Mexico operations were included in the 3rd Party audit process, so architects and designers can be confident that a selection of Daltile products already meets the new standard’s stringent requirements.

The Green Squared certification process tests every manufactured product in every phase of its lifecycle for:

  • Product Characteristics
  • Manufacturing Operations
  • End of Product Life Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Innovation

Because sustainability shouldn’t be defined by a single attribute, Green Squared takes a multi-attribute, balanced approach by establishing criteria for environmental and social issues alike. Covered by the standard are environmental product characteristics, environmental product manufacturing and raw material extraction, end of product life management, progressive corporate governance, and innovation.

To be in conformance with Green Squared, a product must meet all mandatory requirements and a specified number (depending on product type) of elective requirements, providing a total package that reflects the full range of environmental considerations.

Daltile manufactured products have been Green Squared certified by Underwriter Laboratories - Environment, a recognized leader among auditing and verification services companies. So, choosing a Daltile product for all of your sustainable projects is easier than ever. Just look for the Green Squared mark on the Daltile brand's product information pages.


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