Greenworks / LEED Sustainability

Sustainability initiatives:
designed to make a difference

Due to our firm belief that design is intended to create better places to live and work, Daltile takes the necessary steps to help you pursue great designs that are both innovative and earth-friendly. To help make what we do as sustainable as possible, we are always looking at the processes and materials used to make our products. We are recycling, reusing and reducing solid materials and water used to manufacture our tile as well as accomplishing a remarkable level of energy conservation.


Conserving Solid Materials

To help protect nature’s grand design, the Daltile Greenworks program has included changes in our processes as well as our products. Daltile is currently preventing over 200 million pounds of solid wastes from ending up in landfills.

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Waste Water

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Daltile lives for wonderful design. But we recognize that a bold redesign can be just as beautiful. By reevaluating our operations, we have dramatically reduced the energy we consume.

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