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"On Target" Program Equips Dealers with First-in-Class Marketing Tools

The launch of Daltile’s new “OnTarget” program this summer, positions the brand as the first-in-industry to provide its dealers with highly-differentiated, local market data and media insights that show which consumers in a dealer’s geographic region are planning a kitchen or bath renovation project, and how to reach them.  Daltile’s “OnTarget” program was exclusively developed for and provided to the brand’s 245+ Statements Dealers nationwide. 

Increasing Dealer Sales

“We want our Statements Dealers to have the best-in-class assets and resources to help them succeed with Daltile products and increase their retail sales,” said Kim Albrecht, senior manager of brand marketing for Daltile.  “Each Daltile OnTarget Toolkit includes the latest data, analysis, and guidance to help a dealer reach the consumers in their area who are planning kitchen and bath renovation projects.  It is important to emphasize that the market research data is tailored to each individual dealer and the unique consumers in their local area.  The information and tools provided help dealers evaluate their current overall marketing progress and make their businesses stronger.  Each Daltile OnTarget Toolkit also includes traditional and digital marketing assets.  With their Daltile OnTarget Toolkit, a dealer is equipped to execute the kind of targeted marketing that effectively speaks to their specific consumers.”

Investing In Our Dealers

“The invaluable Daltile OnTarget Toolkits are ground-breaking in their customization of market research for each individual dealer,” added Albrecht.  “We are making this investment in our Statements Dealers to provide them with sophisticated information & relevant marketing tools, because we understand that dealers are generally small to medium-sized businesses that might not have the resources to invest in market research.  We have done the legwork for them and are now partnering with our dealers to implement, so they gain a leg up on their local competition.  All of this is a distinct benefit of working with the industry leader, Daltile.”  

Bold, Cutting-Edge

“Daltile developed the concept for the new OnTarget Program as well as the personalized data for each Statements Dealer in conjunction with the premier expert in home and shelter market research,” said Albrecht.  “It was this collaboration between two industry leaders that enabled the creation of such a bold, cutting-edge program.” 

“The Daltile OnTarget Marketing Toolkit is just one more way in which we are supporting our nationwide network of Statements Dealers to increase their level of success!” concluded Albrecht.


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