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Unique Needs of Buying Groups Becomes a Prime Focus

Buying groups and their member dealers have unique needs. Expertly meeting these unique needs is a prime focus for Daltile and is accomplished by servicing several aspects of the special relationships between dealer and supplier.

Handling The Complexity

“Unique about buying group dealers is that their business is innately quite complicated,” said Jeremy Sax, general manager of dealer sales, Dal-Tile Corporation.  “You need to have a robust, multi-faceted organization such as ours to handle the type of volume and special needs a buying group and its dealers require.  Daltile provides exactly this for those we partner with.  We have proven logistics in place between our manufacturing plants, regional distribution centers, sales service centers, and the dealers to provide product quickly to satisfy the dealers’ customers.  We run many promotional campaigns throughout the year and our brands are well-versed at expertly handling the complex needs of buying groups and their dealers.”

Partnering With The Experts

“Retailers have so many options for flooring,” said Sax.  “Regarding tile, they have at least a dozen suppliers they could support and sell.  However, it is a proven fact that when a consumer walks into a retail showroom, if there are too many suppliers, the consumer feels overwhelmed by an overabundance of options.  It is imperative that dealers partner with the four or five suppliers who are going to be true business partners.  The successful dealer is one who focusses on a core of key suppliers that excel at meeting their needs, and we consistently strive to earn that core spot and be a better partner.”

“Our Daltile sales team work hard to ensure that they are the ultimate relationship for these buying group dealers,” added Sax.  “Being the ultimate relationship means excelling in multiple channels, including a corporate to corporate connection as well as field sales rep to dealer service.  Our brand takes the level of communication and service one step further by providing dealers with superior merchandising options, promotional events, and sales analytics through our Salesforce CRM.  We also make sure that our brands’ sales reps are calling on the individual dealers regularly and driving the corporate initiatives down through the field, the corporate initiatives that we and the buying group are spearheading together.”  For more information, contact Jeremy Sax at


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