Monday, May 02, 2016

Using Stacked Stone to Add Texture to Your Bedroom

Stacked stone isn't just handsomely rugged when used outside or around fireplaces. It also lends rusticity to overly soft settings where complementary materials are needed. Like any room, the bedroom requires textural balance to keep it from appearing flat or lackluster. Here are some inspirational ideas to help you design a standout bedroom space.


Using Stone on the Wall

The bed is any bedroom's focal point—whether it's covered in fabrics, plump with pillows, or showcased by a headboard, footboard, platform, or canopy. As such, it deserves a prominent position along a focal wall that can be seen from the entryway. For maximum impact and definition, the wall itself should elevate the bed to its highest potential by countering its suppleness, and a stacked stone wall is the perfect option.

Install the stone over the entire wall that sits behind the bed for optimal impact, or from floor to ceiling in just the width of the headboard. Alternatively, you can flank or frame the bed by running the stone tile up the wall on either side of it, behind the bedside tables. Sleek or dramatic pendant lights above each table will play off the stone's random profile, trickling light over every peak and valley.

Decorating a Bedroom Fireplace

Are you fortunate enough to have a gas or wood fireplace in your bedroom? If not, consider adding one—even a wall-mounted electric unit will add to the room's dreaminess. In any case, try to avoid competing with the stacked stonebehind the bed by using a different stone or tile material as the fireplace surround. Create the same look or treatment for consistency and, more importantly, for visual calmness.


Choosing a Paint Color

Use the stone's overall hue to choose a paint color for the walls. By closely blending the shades of the paint and stone, you'll create effortless flow and, again, a restful setting. The stone's texture will still shine through, but in a quieter, less chaotic, more sleep-conducive way. When choosing colors, keep in mind that cool hues—grays, whites, greens—encourage restfulness and will help set the tone of your bedroom.


Featuring Stacked Stone in the En Suite

Stacked stone can also be used in a master bathroom, such as on the wall behind a freestanding tub. Alternatively, use the craggy stone to flank a shower stall that's finished with smooth tile walls. The rugged stone lends beautiful texture to a room where other options could give off a one-dimensional effect.


Introducing Other Materials to the Space

Try to mix other textures and materials alongside the rugged stone and soft bedding. For instance, you could carry wood-inspired tile flooring from the en suite to the master suite for a look that's as easy to admire as it is to clean. You can also add smooth metallic or cement-look tile details to your walk-in closet, built-ins, and en suite bathroom. Finish the space off by incorporating silky or soft cotton drapes, a velvety reading chair, thick and cozy rugs, crystal vases, and whittled or handcrafted accessories for a unique look that you'll enjoy for years to come—whether you're awake or asleep.
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