Tuesday, September 27, 2016

How to Use Black Subway Tile in Your Kitchen Design

Black subway tile is one of those design trends that never goes out of style. It always looks modern, classic, and clean. Dark subway tile also works well with any kitchen style, and can be used to create a bold, dramatic look or a sleek, muted backdrop. Basic black has always been a cornerstone of design, and it can be the cornerstone of your kitchen style, too. Here are some inspirational tips and ideas on how to incorporate black subway tile in your kitchen design.


Let Simple Style Shine


The simple, classic look of subway tile is a great foundation for any kitchen space. Design a modern look with Festiva glazed tile in Coal. This glossy black tile comes in a rectangular subway tile shape, and will complement shiny stainless-steel appliances, chrome fixtures, and other modern kitchen elements well. Glazed tiles have a sheen to them that reflects light, so even black tile can brighten the room and keep your space feeling open and airy.

Cover Your Counter with a Classic Look

Black subway tile looks great on a kitchen counter or backsplash. For instance, use Rittenhouse Square glazed tiles to create contrast against white kitchen elements. Bold black can make a strong statement against the backdrop of white cabinetry, or it can stand out beautifully when used in a rustic, woodsy kitchen design. Subway tile is a look that never goes out of style, so you can update and change your kitchen around it to create a whole new design whenever you want.


Add Elegance with a Matte Finish

For a chic look, cover your space in matte black Modern Dimensions tile, and dress the room in other fashionable black materials. Get creative with your tile and create a tiled accent wall or accent strip that goes up to the ceiling. A dark splash of black will instantly draw the eye and create an elegant focal point in the room. Matte black subway tile can be used to define a space, highlight a specific design element, add dimension, or simply serve as an artistic touch.

The timeless look of black subway tile is perfect for any kitchen space. As you start to build your kitchen design, head to your local Daltile retail dealer to find the right tile for your design.
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