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12 x 24 Display


Stunning Displays for Beautiful Products

Nothing helps transform environments into extraordinary spaces more beautifully than Daltile's vast selection of tile and stone.

We've created a full line of displays to help customers imagine what's possible. Our displays and sample boards continue to evolve to better portray the features, benefits, and visual variance offered with many of our collections. 

Your sales representative will work closely with you to provide recommendations based on your merchandising objectives, space requirements, and customer profiles.

To order a display, please contact a Daltile representative.

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Resource Studio Display

The Resource Studio

Winged display engages customers, minimizes the use of showroom space and maximizes exposure to the complete Daltile product line and all its possibilities.

  • Includes packout of 78 Selection Boards
  • Selection Boards enhance visualization of products by featuring larger tiles and swatches while highlighting color variation
  • Selection Boards feature complementary decorative accent samples where appropriate and recommend coordinating accent tiles for each color in a tile series
  • Provides complete, user-friendly product information, including simplified technical information
  • Attractive graphics provide room scene inspiration
  • Easy-to-read color-coded tabs organize products by type of tile and application
  • Planogram available for placement of boards
  • Program includes a rebate opportunity, referrals and more
95"H x 130.5"W x 33"D (with wings fully opened)

Daltile Selection Center Dealers have the opportunity, and a 12-month time frame, to earn back 100% of the display price based on 1% of sales. At the end of that period, the Dealer's account is credited for th eamount earned. Ask your Daltile Sales Representative for more details.

Flexible Resource Display

The Flexible Resource

Compact display lets Dealers choose 36 Selection Boards (does not ship with packout).

  • 6-wing design makes high-impact use of limited display space
  • Sales Reps or SSC Managers fill the display with Selection Boards from SSC inventory or include an order for 36 specific Selection Boards when ordering the display frame
  • Includes 36 dealer-selected boards
40"W x 91"H x 30"D

Natural Stone Display

The Natural Stone Collection

Winged, 2-sided stationary display provides inspiration for stone product use in a compact design!

  • Holds 16 Natural Stone boards
  • Boards provide information for beautiful stone products and suggest complementary mosaics and accents
  • Planogram provides suggested placement for grouping types of stone products together
  • Ships with a packout

84" H x 28-5/8" W x 22" D

Decorative Accents Display

The Decorative Accents Display

Display features glass, stone and metal accents in addition to popular porcelain and ceramic options.

  • Includes packout of 72 Decorative Accent Boards
  • Designed to complement the Resource Studio
  • Planogram availalbe for placement of boards

84" H x 28-5/8" W x 22" D

Flexible Resource Display

The Flexible 12 X 24 Display

Provides customers with easy hands-on access to popular rectangular-shaped tiles.

  • Holds 24 individual tiles
  • Stickers on the tiles provide important product information
  • Does not ship with a packout (loose samples are ordered separately)

56-3/8" H x 38-5/8" W x 21" D

Stone Mosaics Display

Stone Mosaics Tabletop Display

Compact unit encourages customers to closely examine beautiful Stone Mosaic products.

  • Mosaics are presented on loose, easy-to-handle sample cards
  • Sample cards are stored in four removable trays
  • Ships with a 60-card packout
18" H x 26.75" W x 19" D

daltile display

The Tri Tower

Gives customers a ready view of popular large-format tiles.

  • Presents 45 loose tile products, up to 20" x 20" size
  • Does NOT ship with a packout (loose samples are ordered separately)
63" H x 55" W x 28" D

daltile display

The Rectangular Format Display

Small-footprint unit efficiently showcases popular rectangular and large-format loose tiles.

  • Holds 12 individual selections
  • Great way to show sizes from 12" x 24" up to 20" x 20"
  • Does NOT ship with a packout (loose samples must be ordered separately)
36" H x 26" W x 26" D

daltile display

The Mini Step

When space is at a premium, this small unit lets customers flip Selection Boards forward for easy viewing.

  • Holds up to 20" - 24" x 26" Selection Boards
  • No tools required for assembly
  • Does NOT ship with a packout (Selection Boards are ordered separately)
21-1/2" W x 19" H x 25-1/2" D

daltile display

The Mini Loose Dipslay

Encourages customers to remove and view loose tiles with other products.

  • Holds 24 pieces of tile (two per channel)
  • Multiple units may be purchased to create side-by-side or back-to-back configurations
  • Accommodates tile sizes ranging from 6" x 6" to 18" x 18"
  • Does NOT ship with a packout (loose samples are ordered separately)
18" W x 54" H x 20" D