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Wood Look Tile Flooring

Think you may want a wood floor? Think again. Wood-look tile might just be better than hardwood. Here’s why.

Durability – Scratches, scrapes, gouges, nicks, dings . . . all these are much less likely to occur with a wood-look ceramic or porcelain tile vs. softer wood flooring.  Tile doesn’t take on moisture like wood does. This means no warping, cracking, expanding, or staining either.  Use it the bathroom, use it in the kitchen, the applications are extremely diverse.


wood look porcelain tile 

Maintenance -Tile flooring is guaranteed to last longer and requires far less maintenance than typical hardwood flooring.  Using minimum grout joint sizes will decrease maintenance further.

Variety – Most tile manufacturers who have delved into the realm of wood-look tile started off offering a 6” x 24” or smaller plank, but as technology and manufacturing techniques catch up, plank sizes are growing.  Sizes such as 8” x 48” and larger are now available, so take your pick!  Not only are sizes greatly varied, but colors and finishes offer you a world of options.

Budget – Any size, shape, color, texture, or look is at your fingertips for a price that is easier on the pocket book over time than other choices. Plus, if there is a need to replace a damaged piece, maintenance is considerably easier and more affordable.


Warmth – Most tile can be used with floor based heating (radiant heating) and will not be affected by varying levels of moisture, which might affect floor temperature as well. 

Let a Daltile near you locate the perfect wood-look tile for your project so you can enjoy the all the benefits of tile without the risks of wood.

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