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Wood Effects Tile: An Alternative to Hardwood Flooring

Wood effects tile is a great option for families with kids, pets, and little time for household chores. Even though it's actually made from porcelain, you'll be amazed at how closely wood-look tile can resemble the real thing. It's available in textures, grains, and colors of specific wood types, too. Wood-look tile is perfect for sleek and modern looks, rustic or vintage atmospheres, and neutral styles. No matter what your preference is, you can choose from a wide range of options to match your decorative needs. Read on to learn the ins and outs of choosing tile that resembles hardwood.

Understanding the Benefits Wood Effects Tile

Careful design and manufacturing ensure that wood-look tile appears almost indistinguishable from hardwood. The tile is also manufactured in long planks and can be installed in many configurations. In addition to its realistic appearance, wood-look tile requires little maintenance, usually only requiring a quick mopping with a nonacidic household cleaner. Depending on where your tile is installed, it may benefit from a protective seal.

When installed according to the manufacturer's instructions, wood-look tile won't warp, fade, or discolor from exposure to the elements or normal wear and tear. In other words, you can expect to enjoy your tile flooring for many years. Wood-look tile isn't limited to flooring either, as many products are suitable for use on walls, backsplashes, and shower enclosures.

Tile is also a safe material for your home and family. Many are manufactured so that they don't emit detectable levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Rest assured that wood effects tile is designed and manufactured according to all applicable environmental and safety requirements. Consider enhancing your home decor with wood effects tile as an additional accent.

Choosing Your Style of Tile

Whether you're looking for a sleek and simple wood look that complements your contemporary furniture, or you prefer a rustic look for your farmhouse, Daltile has a wide range of products. For example, check out the Saddle Brook or Bay Bridge™ collection. Wood floors offer appealing grain, color, and textural variations, and the same is true of wood-look tile. If you're looking for a variety of contrast and color options, take a look at the Acacia Valley™ collection.

If you want a subtler style with wood-look tile, check out the Emblem™ and Forest Park™ collections, which have a more understated resemblance to wood. For a rustic and reclaimed wood effects, check out the Season Wood™collection. It evokes the appearance of weathered, wooden planks while providing the versatility of porcelain tile. The Yorkwood Manor™ collection also offers diverse colors and textures with a rustic wood appearance.

You don't necessarily need to match wood-look tile with your decor style. Feel free to mix it up. For example, you can use a sleek style of wood-look tile to contrast with ornate antique furniture or choose a rustic style of wood-look tile to contrast with contemporary decor.

Incorporating Wood-Look Tile

There are countless ways you can use wood-look tile, and the combinations and configurations are limited only by your imagination. Using wood effects tile on your floors is a given, but have you considered installing it on your walls to give off the look of paneling? This could work especially well in the bathroom to give the space the same feel as a sauna. You can also simply use wood-look tile as a surround for your bathtub or shower.

Consider incorporating the natural look of wood on your outdoor porch, deck, or patio. Most wood-look tile can be used outdoors to complement your home's architecture and style with the authentic appearance of wood planks. You can also create a smooth transition from your home's exterior to its interior by using the same tile on your indoor flooring and the adjacent outdoor living space.

Because wood-look tile can be used in places that are prone to moisture and heavy traffic, it's the perfect solution for your outdoor living space. You can also use wood-look tile as a backsplash or on a countertop for both your indoor and outdoor kitchens and living areas. This will create a cohesive theme and will tie the spaces together.

If there are special considerations involved in choosing your flooring materials, it's likely that wood-look tile can meet your needs. For instance, if you have pets, you know that they can be tough on floors. Porcelain tile resists scratches and wear caused by your pets' paws. And if your pet tracks in mud from the yard, you can remove it quickly, which means that there is less of a risk of permanent damage. So, if you're looking for a flooring option that can withstand your pets, but still look attractive, wood-look tile might just be the answer.

Creating Your Dream Tile Design

Expand your design possibilities by combining wood-look tile with other types of tile. Doing so will give you a nearly limitless number of decorative effects. You should also consider using wood-look tile as flooring in a few rooms and then select different types of tile for the other areas of your home. Another option is to combine wood-look tile with various types of tile to create a unique backsplash for your indoor or outdoor kitchen areas. For example, you can use wood-look tile to frame a customized mosaic mural or kick up a wood-look tile backsplash with glass or natural stone tile inserts for a little flair. Create a custom look by inserting a contrasting tile border into your wood-look tile floor.

Wood-look tile can help you achieve the home design of your dreams. Start by reflecting on your home and lifestyle, and then decide how wood-look tile can fit into your home-improvement plans. If you're not sure where wood-look tile will work best in your home, visit the Stone & Tile Visualizer to get some ideas. Your creativity, combined with your flooring needs and Daltile's wood-look tile options, will help you come up with inspiring designs for your home, and then see them through from concept to completion.

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