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Which Tile Backsplash Material Should You Choose?

The right tile backsplash will bring all the elements of your kitchen together. It can help to connect your kitchen countertops with your cabinets, and it will bring out the best of your kitchen design. And while a backsplash is definitely a stylish element in any kitchen, it also has a practical purpose. So be sure to consider both style and function when picking out your materials. By going with a tile backsplash, your design options will be nearly endless. You can choose between the beauty of natural stone tile, the richness of wood-look tile, and the sleek shine of glass mosaic tile. When it comes to choosing the look that best suits your kitchen and existing decor, consider the following helpful tips.

Glass Mosaic Tile

Add a lively look to your kitchen by adding a glass mosaic tile backsplash. Mosaic patterns often mix different color shades to create a multicolored look that brings life into a room. For example, City Lights tile is available in several blends of colors, so you can easily match your backsplash to your existing countertops and cabinets. Glass tile is also easy to clean, which is always an important feature in the kitchen, and it reflects a lot of light. The sleek, modern look of glass tiles will add shine to your kitchen to create a contemporary vibe, and modern glass can be a great contrasting element against the warmth of wood cabinets and natural stone countertops.

Natural Stone Tile

A natural stone tile backsplash will never go out of style. Often made up of neutral and natural shades of brown and gray, natural stone can easily be matched to an existing kitchen design. It features textures and varying color patterns that immediately add interesting, unique detail. For example, consider adding a backsplash made of Indian Multicolor slate natural stone tiles. This tile features great texture alongside gray, yellow, brown, and blue tones.

A natural stone backsplash will look great alongside granite countertops, but you can also create contrast by placing it next to a wood-look or ceramic tile countertop. A natural stone backsplash will be long-lasting, but you'll have to stay on top of maintenance. Be sure to read up on any manufacturer recommendations and apply a sealant if necessary.

Ceramic Tile

It's possible to create any look you want with ceramic tile. This tile comes in many colors and patterns, and it's available in variants that look like stone, wood, and marble. A ceramic tile backsplash can be any color you want it to be, from soft peach to bold blue. For example, Folio One ceramic floor and wall tile comes in an array of colors and offers a variety of accent tiles that can be used as a border or to add a decorative touch. Ceramic tile is easy to clean and long-lasting. It is the perfect material for adding a pop of color, drawing the eye, and adding more style to your overall kitchen design.

Adding a tile backsplash is a great way to get creative with your kitchen design. Try mixing and matching different types of tile to give the walls texture, depth, and lots of style. Add medallions and metal accents to bring detail into your backsplash design and play with different types of tile to create interesting patterns that incorporate multiple materials. Start mixing and matching your tiles to customize your backsplash and create the perfect look for your room. When you have the right tile, creating the right style is never too far behind.

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