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Using Tile Countertops to Create a Modern Kitchen Design

Kitchen countertops can either make or break a kitchen design. They are an integral part of the overall space, so choosing your material first and then designing the rest of the kitchen around it can be beneficial. If you're going for a modern, clean aesthetic that looks elegant, going with the right tile for your counters can help you be successful. Here are some tips and ideas to help you design tile counters that are contemporary and not going to go out of style anytime soon.

Make a Statement with Color

When you don't keep a lot of stuff on the counter, you need to choose a material that truly stands on its own as a style element. For example, try going with Festiva tile for a creative countertop that gives your kitchen life and color. Because Festiva is available in so many colors, you can play with a number of contrasting shades. Go with a soft shade of lilac or a lively shade of Bermuda blue, and then add deep purple, wine red, or coal black tile accents to add bold pops of color. You can even bring your creativity to the next level by adding a border. For example, imagine a bright orange border paired with a lighter neutral shade. Place different colors of tile in a square or border around the counter, and you'll end up with a unique one-of-a-kind design.

Let Simple Style Shine in Black and White

Basic black and white patterns are often used in modern home designs to create an uncluttered, simple look. Make your kitchen look more modern with countertops in these basic colors. For example, Matte wall and counter glazed tile is designed in a gleaming, uncomplicated style that works perfectly for counters. Try going with a checkerboard pattern to show off the stark, modern contrast between black and white tile. If you want to add a pop of color, consider adding tones of uptown taupe or desert gray to your counter design.

Embellish Your Design to Create Elegance

Clean lines are key to successfully creating a modern design. Sweeping, simple design is a stunning way to show off any kitchen, and it's a perfect way to design your tile countertop. The crisp white of Polaris wall and counter glazed tile, for example, makes any space look clean and elegant. Pair the simple square tiles with decorative accents, such as a classy rope border, a glass mosaic tile accent, or a metallic tile strip to add detail and dignity to the design. A little extra embellishment here and there is the perfect way to take your countertops from ordinary to opulent.

Create Patterns to Perfect Your Space

Why not design your countertops with a pattern? For instance, Rittenhouse Square tile offers several contrasting and complementary shades that make it easy to create simple geometric patterns. For example, go with a vivid arctic white tile, and then add straight, bold lines with black tile. Or, try mixing two shades of gray to create stripes or squares. Your counters are really a canvas, so get creative with them in order to create an amazing modern kitchen design.

A tile countertop can help create the overall vibe for a modern, trendy kitchen. Tile is stunning and can serve as the focal point of your kitchen's design. You can then embellish your tile designs with decorative accents, borders, and pops of color to create a complete one-of-a-kind kitchen look. Get started by choosing the right tile today.

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