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Using Pool Tile to Transform Your Tired In-Ground Pool

In-ground pools offer a welcome respite from the heat of summer. And since you most likely spend a lot of time in yours, it might be in need of some updates. Adding pool tile to your pool deck or lining is a great way to spruce up your outdoor area. Doing so will require careful planning and an understanding of what you're hoping to achieve in the space. Here are some tips to get you started on beautifying your backyard oasis.

Consider Your Options

The various sizes, styles, and finishes of pool tile make it a versatile design tool. Large square tiles are the most common for pool decking or liners, but you can also find more unique shapes and sizes to meet your needs. Tile is also available in many designs that replicate wood, glass, stone, and concrete that give your pool space that update you're looking for.

Consider using your pool tile to create geometric shapes in of your pool or deck. Rectangles, squares, and other geometric designs convey a contemporary design and will help your pool match perfectly with your other backyard elements. Glass mosaic tile is a contemporary design option for your pool liner, and its shimmering beauty and ability to hold up well to water and moisture make it the perfect option. Uptown Glass tile, for example, comes in a variety of dazzling colors and patterns that allow you to create a bold backyard statement. It will perfectly complement the crystal-clear water in your pool.

Go for a Natural Look

The Ayers Rock line comes in a variety of styles, including yellow- and gray-toned neutral mosaics. Suited for pool linings, it's natural look can transform your pool area from drab to downright spectacular. Combining the look of natural stone with the easy maintenance of porcelain, it is the perfect tile for any residential pool area. It features a realistic natural slate texture that will make your pool feel like an extension of the surrounding outdoors. There are a variety of other tile options, such as the Cortona and Ever lines, and each offers a distinct style that you can creatively adapt and make your own.

Update Your Deck

If you enjoy tanning by the pool as much as you love swimming, you probably get just as much use out of your pool deck. You can easily update it by incorporating pool tile. Choose oversized tiles for a clean and modern look or go with a mix of tile sizes for more of a courtyard feel. Flagstone and textured concrete-look tile are just the beginning, as there are many stunning tiles finishes and textures that will make your deck shine. Try playing off the shape and size of your pool when you're choosing tile for your deck. You can even consider overlapping the tile over your pool edges for a very natural look.

So, whether you spend more time on the deck or in the pool, there are many great tile options that will help you create your ideal backyard wonderland. A little research and a visual idea of what will look best in your backyard will help you achieve your pool design goals.

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