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Using Natural Stone Flooring to Create a Modern Look

Choosing the right flooring for your home is a big commitment. Most options are long-lasting, and you won't be able to simply pull up tile, wood, or carpet and haul it back to the store if you decide you want something new. When the time comes to replace your flooring, you'll want to strive for a material that is timeless, but still incorporates unique and modern elements. To help you with this all-important decision, here's a guide to some of the most popular flooring options and how they can best be featured in your home.

Travertine Petrified Forest

Natural Stone Flooring Options

If you're looking for a unique flooring material, natural stone may be an ideal investment for your home. The natural stone flooring category encompasses a wealth of materials that are mined directly from quarries. The stone is cut to tile size and finished as desired to create a lustrous effect. Natural stone offers a high degree of variation and is available in a wide range of colors. Each and every tile is slightly different, which guarantees that floors crafted from a natural material will never be exactly replicated. From the rich, renaissance look of marble, to the darker, rustic tones of slate flooring, the beauty of stone is varied and versatile enough to fit in with any style of decor. Here are a few types of natural stone that are commonly used for flooring:

  • Travertine
    Travertine is one of today's most popular natural stone flooring options. This calcium-based stone is durable but should be properly sealed and maintained. Distinguished by its porous texture, travertine will instantly add character and dimension to any room in your home. If you'd like to capitalize on the recent design trend of gray neutrals, travertine is most often a light ivory or beige color, which will be complementary. If you want something more bold, craft a modern flooring look using the linear-shaped Petrified Forest travertine tile.


  • Marble and Limestone
    Marble and limestone are two natural stone materials that are available in a wide spectrum of gray, white, beige, and other natural tones. With distinctive flecks and granular patterns, both limestone and marble add an instant touch of opulent elegance to any room. For example, a marble or limestone floor can transform a simple bathroom into a luxurious at-home spa.


Natural Stone Finishes

Natural stone flooring can be customized with a finish of your choice. For optimal shine and light reflection, a glossy, polished finish is used. For example, ivory travertine and black granite can be polished, resulting in this sleek, contemporary look.


Tumbled or antique finishes are also great options. These variations result in a more natural appearance, and will appeal to those who are going for a rustic or distressed look.

Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Designs

Porcelain and ceramic are ever-popular tile materials that not only look beautiful, but are resistant to water and easy to maintain. With an abundance of colors, shapes, and sizes available, porcelain and ceramic tile will work with almost any room's design personality. New tile innovations have meshed the benefits of porcelain and ceramic with other popular flooring choices, resulting in a wide range of versatile options.

Floor Tile

Tiles with Imaging Technology

Do you prefer the versatility and easy maintenance of tile, but still desire the look of stone or wood? Consider using porcelain tiles crafted with Reveal Imaging™. For those who love the classic look of hardwood flooring, this advanced digital imaging technology has resulted in incredibly realistic wood-look tile that's able to withstand high traffic and resist water. The Forest Park™ wood-look tiles are made of Color Body™ porcelain, with the extra benefit of consistent color throughout the tile, which makes surface scratches less noticeable. Combined with TruEdge technology, these modular wood-look tiles fit closely together, minimizing grout lines for an even more realistic look.

Reveal Imaging™ can also mimic an authentic natural stone look for those areas of your home where porcelain tile may work best. If you prefer urban, contemporary styles, the Concrete Connection™ line features imagery on porcelain tile that will complete any room with its eclectic, metropolitan flair.

Large Format Tile

Large format tile brings a modern look to any floor. Large format tiles minimize grout lines and add a seamless dimension to a floor. If you have standard-sized porcelain or ceramic tile in your home, try updating it with a larger tile for a modern twist. Larger tile is a great option for a small space because it will trick the eye into thinking the room is larger than it really is. Try incorporating it into a small bathroom to make it feel less cramped. You can create patterns with larger tiles, or arrange them in a simple grid for a sleek, contemporary look.

Concrete Connections

Modern Shapes and Patterns

Although it's still hip to be square, linear and geometric tiles are also fashionable flooring choices. These new shapes allow homeowners and designers to create customized, unique tile designs. For example, try opting for smaller octagon tile for your backsplash or bathroom floor. This will provide a retro, trendy look that makes your space stand out.

Today's tile choices continue to combine new and old design options that will stand the test of time while still incorporating modern trends. With the resurgence of natural stone and new tile shapes and sizes, flooring options seem to be ever-expanding. Tile designers understand that in your home, floors are more than a temporary installation. When you need to make a change, you'll want to pick a tile that you love, and a style that won't quickly become dated. As a result, Daltile strives to offer modern tile flooring options that will allow you to express the artistic side of your design personality through expanded size, pattern, and color choices.

Why not incorporate the beauty of natural stone or modern tile during your next home renovation? The striking beauty of today's tile designs will transform your home into the showpiece you've always dreamed of. Visit a tile design gallery today to see everything new and exciting in the world of tile.

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