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Use Patio Tiles to Create the Perfect Outdoor Oasis

The outdoor patio area is an important part of your home that should feel like an extension of your interior design. It is a functional place for gathering with family and friends, relaxing after a long day, and entertaining on weekends. By incorporating beautiful, long-lasting patio tiles, you can add vibrancy and personality to this important space. Here are some tips for incorporating tile into your outdoor oasis.

Add Tile to Your Patio Walls

The addition of walls or half-walls can help define your outdoor space. Depending on how high the walls are, they can give your patio a private, intimate feel. By adding a colorful mosaic tile or pattern to your walls, you can make the space vibrant and inviting. Glass mosaic tiles are eye catching, and the variety of colors available allows you to add touches of personality to your outdoor space.

Go Natural with Wood-look Tile

Do you love the look of hardwood but want the durability and easy maintenance of tile for your outdoor space? Wood-look tiles offer the best of both worlds. Visually, they offer a similar look to a deck, but the tile will hold up to moisture and can be swept clean easily. You also won't have to worry about restraining tiles. With proper sealant, your wood-look tiles will look like new for a long time.

Personalize Your Patio with Decorative Tile

Small details can make a huge difference in any outdoor space. Whether you use patio tiles on your floor or walls, you can incorporate decorative tiles for a unique, personalized look. Do you have a built-in grill on your deck? Why not incorporate some stainless tiles in a brick-joint pattern around the facade to create an industrial look? For a unique design on your patio, instead of using precisely cut square tiles, choose natural-looking shapes that blend with your outdoor environment.

Color Your World

Your outdoor patio space is a perfect spot to incorporate color into your design. You can opt for a neutral tile and then add pops of color with plants or accent vases. You can also go with a colorful tile design for a tropical, Caribbean feel. Remember that the use of different colors will make the area more interesting to the eye. Using complementary colors can help to break up the monotonous look of single-color tiles, especially if you're using square tiles. Try incorporating vibrant mosaic tiles on your tabletop to instantly brighten your space.

Remember that your patio should match the rest of your home design, reflect your personality, and be built to last. Make sure your tiles are manufactured for use outdoors before you move ahead. This will ensure that your perfect patio will last for years with low maintenance.

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