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Update Your Living Room with Mosaic Tile and More

Redecorating often means finding ways to make small changes that can transform a room. To freshen up a living room, simply adding accessories or shifting the furniture layout can change the entire look of the space. Here are a few more tips for updating your living room.


Add Sparkle

Metallics add sparkle and elegance to any decor. One way to add a touch of brilliance to your living room is to surround your fireplace with glass mosaic tile infused with metallic particles. Then, arrange your furniture around the hearth to shift the focal point of your room to your new design feature. On a smaller scale, you can replace wood picture frames with gold or silver and add mirrored accessories to complement your contemporary design.

Brighten With Color

If your living room feels too formal, try adding a pop of color to liven up the neutral decor. Painting is the quickest way to change the tone and color of your room. Rather than redecorating the entire space, consider painting just one accent wall using a bright color. For simpler changes, add fresh flowers or new wall art to brighten a room. Accent pillows and curtains also bring in color without the need to invest in expensive furnishings. If you decide that your sofa or chairs need to be livened up, try slipcovers for a quick and inexpensive change.

City View

Go Natural

Natural fabrics and textures add warmth and a sense of tranquility to a room. Area rugs made from natural fibers like sisal or jute can soften up hardwood or tile flooring and provide a little extra cushion under your feet. You can also incorporate natural elements like indoor plants, branches, polished stones, or shells into your design through a variety of accessories and art.

Personalize Your Space

Don't forget to incorporate your personality into your space. For instance, if you play an instrument, framed black-and-white sheet music can create an artistic statement on your wall. You can also hang paintings by local artists or create canvas art using photos of local landscapes to infuse the unique charm of your hometown.

Your living room should reflect your personal style and serve as a place to relax with friends and family. If you lack the budget needed for a total renovation, consider making simple changes, such as adding mosaic tile to your fireplace or painting an accent wall, to enhance your enjoyment of the space.

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