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Tile Flooring Ideas for Your Dining Room, Living Room, and Hallways

Tile flooring ideas aren't limited to the kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor areas of the home. Because tile is so versatile, it's also the perfect material choice for other rooms in your home as well. It can be used in your dining room, living room, and even your hallways. Here are a few tips and inspirational ideas for placing tile in areas of your home that you wouldn't expect to find it.

Dress Up Your Dining Room

A dining room should not only be beautiful, but it should also be practical. This space is often used for celebratory dinner parties and memorable holiday get-togethers, so try to create a design that's more than ordinary. A standout flooring material is one way to achieve this, and tile is a great choice. For instance, Franciscan Slate glazed porcelain tile has all the beauty of natural stone and can create a flooring design that truly makes an impression on your guests. The tiles come in a variety of shades, and feature swirls of color running through them, which gives them a realistic, natural look. To top it off, glazed porcelain tile is easy to wipe clean and stands up to wear well, making it a practical choice, as well.

If you'd rather give your dining room a more formal look, cover the floor with Emblem ceramic tile, which offers the rich look of wood. This field tile has realistic details and texture, and it closely resembles real wood grain. Ceramic tiles are also resistant to moisture, which makes them the perfect design element for the dining room.


Add Tile Flooring to Your Living Room

Why not add tile flooring to your living room? This is a central part of any home, and it deserves a floor that's both timeless and trendy. Luckily, the right tile can help you achieve this. For example, Fidenza glazed porcelain tile offers the look of marble, and it would look great when used on the flooring of a living space. The tiles are made with mottled shades of brown, pink, and white—just like real marble that's found in nature. Porcelain tiles are also relatively simple to shape and cut, so they can be applied in any pattern.

If you're going for a more rustic look, add charm to your living room with Cotto Contempo glazed porcelain tiles. Featuring a rugged, aged look, these tiles offer a trendy, but timeless, look. Your living room should feel warm and inviting, and the weathered look of these tiles is the perfect way to capture that style.

Turn Up the Beauty in Your Hallways

You can take your tile flooring ideas to every part of your home, even the hallways. Tile works great in these areas because it can hold up to foot traffic. Heathland ceramic tile looks like natural stone that's been formed and aged over the centuries, and it's available in several rich colors. It also features unique texture, giving your hallway floor an interesting look that's appealing to the eye. Ceramic tile stands up well to moisture, dirt, and everyday use—what's better in a hallway than that?

Tile flooring doesn't have to be limited to the kitchen and bath areas of a home. Tile is a practical, beautiful flooring option that can be used in the living room, dining room, and throughout your home. It's sure to create a lasting impression on your guests, and a look that you can enjoy for years.

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