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The Versatility of Cement Look Floor Tiles


Cement floors don't have that unfinished, cold, gray look anymore. You can have just about any color and any texture. You can install new concrete or stain an existing floor. You can get pre-colored slabs to install on a countertop.

Cotto Contempo

Stained, stamped concrete is a great choice for floors and countertops in commercial or residential spaces. However, if you are in a wet and humid area, you may have difficulty with moisture control in your concrete.

The cement in your house or office tries to maintain moisture equilibrium. That means that if it's wet underneath the cement, the moisture is going to wick up to the surface of the cement and into the room. And that results in all sorts of problems like mold, slippery surfaces, and increased indoor air humidity.

There's also the issue of moisture expanding in cold weather and causing cracks in the cement. Sealing the cement on both the top and the bottom of the slab can help, but in moist areas of your home or office or if you live in a moist locale, you may want to reconsider.

Stained and stamped cement floors weather moisture even worse than untouched cement. Some cement applications just aren't a good idea. But you can get the look you want and side-step all those problems with cement-look floor tiles.

One of our favorites is the new series Cotto Contempo™, a glazed porcelain tile that looks equally great in an urban loft as it does on a patio. The large format tiles add a modern flair that you can install on walls, floors, and countertops. 

Cotto Contempo

Tiles are available in 20 x 20, 13 x 13, a trendy 12 x 24 rectangle, or 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 field tile. Four available colors include white, reddish-brown, and gray tones with high shade variation. Its moisture absorption rate is less than .5% so the moisture problem that comes with cement is nearly eliminated.

Cotto Contempo™ is versatile enough for light commercial and regular commercial applications too. It brings a trendy feel to a commercial environment while remaining tough enough to handle all kinds of foot traffic.

Incorporate the cement look into your space with this high-end, versatile tile that won't cause you problems now or in the future.

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