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The Latest Glass Mosaic Tile Design Trends

Glass mosaic tile has surged in popularity due to the demand for modern, expressive decor. It can be used to make a dramatic statement or to simply add color and depth to neutral design schemes. You've probably seen glass mosaic backsplashes before, but thanks to the latest trends, glass mosaics are now available in never-before-seen colors schemes, shapes, and patterns. It's also being used in unexpected areas during home renovations. Here are three of the latest glass mosaic tile design trends to watch.


1. Unexpected Sizes

By now, we've all seen basic one-inch square mosaic tile, which is beautiful and functional in its own right. But those looking for the latest trends in contemporary home design should consider the eye-catching styles and patterns that can be created using mosaics of different sizes and shapes. Linear patterns and pencil mosaic tile in stunning color combinations can transform a room from being too bland to brilliant and unforgettable. Uniquely shaped glass mosaics shouldn't be overlooked, either. For example, the Caprice and Clio mosaic lines offer unique patterns that add textural dimension.

2. Brightly Colored Accents

If your taste in design is more traditional, you may gravitate more toward neutral colors. At some point, however, neutrals may not feel like enough for you. To freshen up your neutral decor, try incorporating brightly colored mosaic tileinto your design. Incorporating small doses of color will help you break out of your comfort zone and create unique looks that you love—without having to put on sunglasses before you enter the room. Colorful glass mosaic tile can be used as a backsplash, as a border, or mixed into an overall tile pattern. It can also be used to highlight or frame one area of your wall, such as tiling around a mirror or behind open shelves. These pops of color will break up a neutral wall color, and transform your room from something safe into something to talk about.

3. Not Just a Backsplash

Glass mosaic tile backsplashes are very practical additions to home decor because they protect walls from damage caused by water absorption. However, they are also popular because glass is easy to keep clean, will last for years, and has translucent properties that enhance the beauty of any space. Because of these characteristics, mosaic tile is now being used in many areas of the home—not just as a backsplash. Mosaics with metallic elements, for example, are perfect for highlighting the focal point in a room, such as a large, cozy fireplace. Mosaic tile can also be used on an accent wall, providing an artistic and long-lasting alternative to other wall materials.

If you love the look of contemporary glass mosaics, visit a Daltile design gallery soon. With so many new patterns and sizes, you're sure to find the perfect tiles for your home.

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