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Subway Tile with a Twist

The popular classic, subway tile, is a style that has been around since the dawn of modern-day tile. And it's not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, no matter where you look these days, you'll see subway tile.

Subway tile seems pretty straight forward, but it lends itself well to variations. Consider adding one of these twists to your subway design.

Designer Grout
Use grout to make a design statement in your kitchen or bathroom. Grout comes in all sorts of options that can add something special to your tile. Metallic grout colors reflect light and shed a little lighter on your tile. A high-contrast grout against your tile really makes the pattern pop. Choose grout in an accent color to harmonize your design.

Reverse the Classic
Classic subway tile is white. Go for something different and try a black or dark brown tile instead. The effect is stunning and elegant. Choose from ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone in glossy, matte, or polished finishes for a unique backsplash your visitors won't soon forget.


Metal or metallic finish tiles give a whole new definition to subway tile. In the classic size, 3 x 6, these reflective tiles give you a retro design with some very contemporary updates. Cover the whole backsplash with them or add them in as an accent to a more traditional subway tile look.

Different Layout
Who says you have to go with the brickjoint subway layout? You can do all kinds of amazing things with the versatile 3 x 6 that give subway tile just enough of a twist that it'll make your kitchen one-of-a-kind. Try a herringbone pattern or turn the tile vertically for a completely different effect.

Subway tile is available in some trendy colors as well as the neutrals. A sage green or gray backsplash can offset the kitchen or bathroom but still stay true to the spirit of subway. If you feel brave, pick two complementary colors or even create a mosaic of colors in the subway pattern.

The horizontal nature of the subway pattern lends itself well to stripes. Pick a contrasting tile color to create stripes within your tile. It'll breathe energy into your design and make a focal point for the room.

Shake up the tradition with an accent. You can place a vertical linear tile between horizontal tiles or put that linear tile horizontally between rows for an understated striped effect. You can choose contrasting accents that draw attention to themselves or go for a subtler tile that offsets the subway pattern.

More than Backsplash
Subway tile is a great choice for backsplash, but it can do so much more. It looks great over whole walls in the kitchen. It makes a stunning floor to ceiling shower application. Find ways to extend your subway tile for a classy look.

Beveled edge 3 x 6 tiles add to the elegance factor. They create more texture than a regular flat tile and give your kitchen and bath depth. Especially with neutral colors, a beveled edge offers something a bit more sophisticated for your design.

No matter how you decide to put a twist on your subway tile, you can't go wrong with this timeless look. Try a variation today and love your tile for many years to come.

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