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Streamline Your Kitchen for a Busy Lifestyle

You demand a lot from your kitchen. It needs to be the ultimate in functionality where everything has a place and is on hand. It needs to have the right amount of workspace and provide a user-friendly flow. It needs to be an uncomplicated yet comfortable space that easily takes on your busy pace. Feel like you’re asking too much of your kitchen design? We don’t think so. Here are some kitchen tile ideas that match your lifestyle.

No fuss, beautiful spaces that let you move and work seamlessly.

It's not Minimalist, it's Harmonious
Streamlining doesn't have to mean giving up your favorite stuff. The concept behind this type of design is not to force you to simplify, but to create a space for everything so it doesn't get in your way. 

Decide exactly what you need from your kitchen then design it around those needs. That way you'll have everything at your fingertips without overwhelming the space. 

Your floor tile can add to the harmonious feeling in the room if you select a single large format tile in a neutral color. Try the even toned field tile of the ECI™ series.


It’s About Flow
Do you hate bumping into that same corner every time you turn to put something into the oven? A streamlined kitchen takes traffic patterns into consideration to get rid of those awkward moments. 

Designers create flow by placing appliances and amenities in a logical order. They also make sure they are flush with cabinets so you don't have corners to run into. Streamlined design gets rid of bulk in the kitchen space. 

Introduce a flow into your kitchen with the right tile pattern. The way you place tile in your kitchen can direct the eye and even the traffic. Use a herringbone pattern with a linear or plank tile from the Invoke™ series.

It's about Function
Beauty and function play equally in a streamlined kitchen. How the kitchen will be used is a focus of the design. The most-used items are easy to get to when you simply don’t have an extra hand. Less-used items all have a place so you don’t have to take half the contents out of the cupboard before you finally strike gold. 

It’s Simple and Calming
Streamlined floors, countertops, and backsplashes remain simple in color, pattern, and design. Too much detail can create a busy feeling—and that would defeat the purpose of your streamlined design. Avoid accents and frills to keep the streamlined feel. 

Natural stone tile and slab countertop is a great option for this type of design because of its natural yet variable character. It invites the calm orderliness of Mother Nature into your kitchen.

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