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Slate Tile Flooring Meets the Mudroom

Your mudroom sees a lot of heavy activity, serving as a space for laundry duty, storage, and the constant comings and goings of your family and guests. Like the rest of your home, the mudroom deserves a beautifully stylish floor. However, the activity level of this area also requires something that holds up well and looks great day in and day out. Slate tile flooring, with its durability and attractive natural design, strikes the perfect balance of form and function for your modern mudroom.

Elevating the Mudroom

You may often think of laundry rooms as spaces where household work is completed. They're often set apart from the rest of your home. But a mudroom, especially one serving as an entryway, is an area viewed by more people than you'd expect. Family, friends, and frequent visitors track in and out of the mudroom every day. You might also spend a good amount of time in the mudroom performing laundry and organization tasks.

Given the mudroom's traffic, it's ideal to install a flooring that's both comfortable and enjoyable. The substantial and unmistakable feeling of slate tile flooring provides the perfect foundation for this busy space. Plus, the natural color palette of the Slate Collection, including coppers, grays, and golds, allows you to stay neutral but definitely not boring. Like any natural stone tile product, slate flooring is also easy to clean and maintain. Simply sweep away any accumulated dirt, debris, and pet hair. Should you ever experience an accidental overflow from the washer or laundry-room sink, the surface of slate, when properly sealed, will hold up beautifully.

Modern Suggestions for Slate Tile Flooring

Slate is a timeless material, and today's new flooring designs allow for a wider range of modern applications. Asymmetrical tiles can mimic the look of flagstone to add a rustic charm to your mudroom. You can also create unique patterns by mixing smaller and larger sizes of slate tiles. If you have a mudroom with a fair amount of floor space, consider adding a few contrasting rows of smaller tiles to break up the space. Color variations are another way to create a unique look; high color variance imitates nature while similarly shaded tiles make for a more uniform, structured design.

Slate tile flooring adds a personal touch to a room in your home that's often overlooked. The richness and beauty of natural stone quickly turns a utilitarian mudroom into a comforting work area where you can actually look forward to spending your time.

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