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Robust Beautiful Solid Countertops


If you are looking for a countertop that delivers beauty and durability, natural stone should be your pick. Natural stone and engineered stone countertops stand up to your family's demands with poise and endurance. They’ll still look great after all the kids have flown the nest.


      •   Resists chipping
      •   Resists heat 
      •   Resists scratching 
      •   Number one choice in countertop

Granite is one of the most varied natural stones available for your countertops. It comes in almost endless colors and no two slabs are the same. It is an igneous rock made of thousands of crystalline structures of mica, feldspar, quartz, and other minerals. As it is forming, the crystals grow into one another creating granite's unique granular look and extreme toughness.

It accepts a brilliant polish and is the favored stone for kitchen applications. Clean it with non-abrasive, neutral cleaners so it can maintain its luster. 

Check out our Granite Collection to see your options.


      •   Resists acid 
      •   Resists heat 
      •   Resists scratching, cracking, chipping 
      •   Non-porous

ONE™ Quartz Surface slab is an "engineered" countertop made up of 93% naturally occurring quartz. Synthetic materials, a binder, and coloring are added before the product is complete. It is harder than any natural substance barring diamonds. 

Because of the technology used in its production, it offers you the best of natural stone plus the flexibility of manufactured materials. 

ONE™ Quartz Surface offers more design flexibility too. It has the sheen of granite and varied color options. It does not have as much pattern variation as most natural stones, but a consistent pattern and color. It is the easiest to care for and most durable countertop available. 

One™ Quartz is Daltile's line of engineered quartz slab countertop. Choose from three different series in a variety of natural patterns and rich neutral colors.


      •   Resists chipping 
      •   Resists heat 
      •   Resists scratching 
      •   Popular for high-end kitchens

The texture of natural quartzite is very even because it is made up of fine-grain crystals. The color selection of natural quartzite is limited to whites and grays. Some browns, yellows, and greens can also be present in natural quartzite.

Daltile offers three different high-end options for your quartzite countertops.



      •   Makes a stunning statement 
      •   Retains beauty with regular care 
      •   Never goes out of style 

Marble is one of the most beautiful stones on earth. It has been highly valued for centuries and graces important buildings all over the world. It is a favorite for home kitchens and bathrooms and will always look spectacular if cared for properly.

Marble does require some extra care to keep it looking its best. Marble is softer than granite but can be as dense as some granite. Plan to use cutting boards and other protective measures when preparing food in the kitchen. Acids from everyday items like foods and cleaners can damage your marble so take care of spills quickly and use neutral cleaners.

Care and maintenance are critical to preserving the beauty of this loved stone. A sealer will minimize damage due to everyday use. 

Daltile offers 16 different types of marble for countertops. Each is unique in color and pattern.


      •   Retains beauty with proper care
      •   Several neutral colors to choose from 
      •   Interesting natural formations in the stone
Limestone is a stone similar to marble. It is a sedimentary rock formed in prehistoric swamps. Rock and other organic material fuse over time to create the unique look that is limestone. It comes in several natural colors: brown, gray, white, green, and yellow.

Not every limestone slab is the same and the stone can vary in hardness and density. Be sure to seal the stone countertop regularly to avoid staining. Use neutral cleaners and keep acidic foods and beverages away from the countertop to avoid etching. Abrasion is the most common concern with limestone, especially if it has a polished finish. Seal it to help protect stone from damage.

Daltile carries nine different limestone slab selections. Each provides different colors and patterns for a unique look.



      •   Resin impregnated for durability 
      •   Timeless building material
      •   Unique natural stone
A sedimentary rock, travertine is mostly made up of calcium carbonate deposited around hot springs. It was the most popular natural stone used in buildings in ancient Rome and a good portion of the world's travertine is found just south of Rome in Italy's Tivoli region. It has a spongy-looking texture with natural pits of differing sizes and shapes. It is available in beiges, whites, and grays. Other colors (red, yellow, dark brown) are produced when impurities enter the stone as it is forming. 

With proper care, travertine is very durable. The natural holes and pits can be filled before sealing (called resin-impregnation) for a smooth surface or left alone for a different texture and look. Protect counters by regularly sealing them and cleaning up liquid spills quickly.

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