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Reclaimed Wood Tile

The tile industry has long awaited a wood-look tile produced with a level of detail that matches not only wood, but distressed wood.

The wait is over. Specialized scanners, graphics, and printers are producing some of the most realistic and beautiful wood looks in a durable tile that takes on the traffic in your home with grace.

High-tech scanners capture the color variations and grains of real reclaimed wood. The nuances in color and grain give this tile immense flexibility in your design because they mirror the color and patterns that only nature is clever enough to produce. 

The tiles are available in wide planks. Mix and match plank widths for a designer layout or go with a single width for a more traditional floor.

Bring the feel of an old barn or rustic European villa into your design with Yorkwood Manor. Launched in the Spring of 2015, Daltile offers you this high color variation, weathered look (chipped paint and burn marks) tile with rectified edges for a design you can be proud of.

Comes in the most popular plank size on the market, 6 x 36, plus a 3 x 18 bullnose.

Tile is making the rustic look of barn wood much easier to achieve in your home designs, and more affordable. This beautiful tile captures the look of distressed hardwood so well that you'll want to touch it to make sure it really isn't wood. 

This high-end wood styling comes in large planks with several natural weathered look colors that merge well with most design styles.

Rectified edges (very uniform and straight) mean grout lines can be extremely minimal. No one will know your little secret with barely-there joints.

Want to include reclaimed wood in your new design but worried about how it will stand up to your busy lifestyle? Barn wood look tile gives you the warmth of distressed wood with the reputation of porcelain tile. It stands up to daily wear and tear with ease. And it's a snap to clean.


The benefit of weathered wood-look tile is that is has so many more applications than hardwood. You can put it in high-traffic areas like hallways and lobbies without worrying about damaging the soft wood. 

You can put it in the bathroom where moisture might cause warping of wood. It’s a great option for busy households where kids and pets are constantly coming and going. Consult manufacturer recommendations for proper installation.

Reclaimed wood tile removes the risk, so you can have a timeless look without compromising durability.

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