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Pool Tile Update: Bringing Life Back into Your Vacation Home

If you own a vacation property, you most likely use it as your private oasis and escape from the busier aspects of daily life. Yet as time goes by, your vacation home may need some extra love and attention to keep it fresh and modern. To refresh your swimming pool tile and backyard deck, consider adding the latest in exterior tile and stone products. Here are a few inspirational tips to help get you started.

Add a Modern Edge to a Timeless Look

Natural colors and textures assimilate well with either a tropical or rustic theme in a vacation home. To add beauty to your backyard, consider adding a modern tile to update your design. For example, the classic look of limestone can be applied in a modern way through the Ever series. With infused micro flakes of color, this tile will add dimension to your pool deck. It offers the look of natural stone while still maintaining a modern, streamlined appearance. Ever tiles are constructed to last for a lifetime because they're made of porcelain, and because they are a large format tile, they make it easier than ever to cover a large outdoor deck area.

Incorporate a Dash of Fashion

If you'd like your vacation home to stand out with memorable style, adding fashionable new pool tile is a great start. For example, enhance the personality of your pool with Color Wave glass tile, which is available in a number of shades that range from bright and vibrant to neutral. Consider going with a shade of blue, such as Capri Breeze, on the pool lining to help bring the feel of the ocean closer to you. The warm sun rays will bounce off the mosaic tile and reflect through the water of your sparkling pool, giving your private retreat a relaxing feel.

Celebrate Natural Beauty with Stone

Imagine relaxing on your favorite lounge chair with the soft bubbling of a fountain nearby. Complete this scene by adding natural stone tile to infuse an air of serenity and grace into your pool deck. Go with a variation of natural quartzite that's suitable for exterior applications. The warm colors of Golden Sun, for instance, will elevate the style of your deck and can be arranged in a flagstone pattern or a statelier Versailles pattern.

Refresh Your Pool with the Latest Tile Designs

If you love the durability of porcelain, but still want a look that's different from the traditional square pool tile, consider new sizes, shapes, and colors that are suitable for linings. Imagine Retro Rounds in bright cobalt blue serving as the backdrop of your at-home pool paradise. Or for an even bolder look, try Semi-Gloss Color Trends in Electric Blue paired with Elemental Glass tiles. You can create your own unique design and pattern that puts the perfect finishing touch on your pool's lining.

Don't let your vacation home pool area be an afterthought. In order to enjoy your personal paradise to the fullest, make sure to keep the outdoor space modern and updated. If your pool area is in need of some updating, consider adding a modern refresh with the latest exterior tile products.

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