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Patio Tiles: 3 Steps to Prepare Your Patio for Summer

With winter's cold and spring's wetness coming to an end, it's time to prepare your patio for a summer of relaxation. Patio tiles have become a top option for homeowners looking to make a statement in their backyards. This is mainly due to their versatility, beauty, and ease of installation.

Patio tiles that look like stone and brick can be laid out in a variety of decorative patterns. They feature considerable advantages over other options, in particular is their ability to handle harsh weather elements such as rain and heat.

The right tiles can rejuvenate your patio after a long, cold winter. Here are three steps to get it ready for the summer.

1. Overcome Winter Damage
Mother Nature can cause major damage to your patio and its complementary pieces, such as decorations and furniture. Heavy rainwater and ice are just two factors that can destroy a patio's structure. Therefore, your first task at hand is assessing it for wear and tear. Look closely at the material you use for your patio floor. Do you see any cracks caused by water or ice buildup? Are there pieces of your patio that are chipped? If so, it may be time to replace your flooring.

These factors are important to consider because cracks and chips will let water wash away your materials, hastening the damage process. Your patio is likely a hot spot for your summer entertaining, so you'll want it to remain as durable as possible.

2. Rebuild with Patio Tiles
When finding the right patio tile for your project, consider travertine and other natural stone options. Travertine, such as Daltile's Napa Versailles pattern, is perfect for patios. Choose varying shades to make your walkway really pop. Travertine patio tiles possess a key differentiator that you may consider for your outdoor area: they tend to stay cool to the touch. This is fantastic on hot, sunny summer days.

3. Choose Your Style
Patio tiles allow you to express yourself in a variety of patterns and colors. Instead of standing or sitting on a giant slab of concrete, you can use tiles to create a patterned masterpiece in your backyard. Tile is a popular patio choice because of its durability. It comes in an almost endless variety of colors and patterns. Having these many options means you will be able to find the perfect flooring for your design style and color scheme. Check manufacturer recommendations to ensure you select a tile that can withstand your climate.

Now that you're equipped with various tips on selecting your patio tiles, it's time to get to work. Measure your area, install your tile, and, most importantly, start inviting friends and family over to enjoy the outdoor summer party season.

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