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Marble Bathroom Flooring: 4 Factors to Consider

Choosing new bathroom flooring? There are plenty of reasons why the beauty of marble has inspired centuries of appreciation and was used to create masterpieces such as the Taj Mahal and Michelangelo's David. If you're looking to include marble in your bathroom design, here are four things to consider when choosing the perfect option.

1. Consider the Level of Veining You Prefer

Marble comes in many colors with varying degrees of veining. Veining, commonly referred to as movement, ranges from subtle and regular to defined and highly variable. No two stones are perfectly alike so as to best suit your design needs investigate the myriad veining options available. For example, check out First Snow Elegance and Tinos Gray Versailles Pattern to get an idea of the different levels of intensity before you choose the type of marbleization that best suits your design.

2. Choose a Finish That Meets Your Needs

When selecting flooring for your bathroom, it's essential to choose tile that can withstand high humidity levels and is strong enough to withstand foot traffic. Marble for bathroom floors must be compatible for wet conditions, so choose marble with a honed or low-gloss finish for the best results. Honed marble doesn't have the reflective properties of polished marble, and it is typically sealed to minimize damage caused by moisture. Always read the manufacturer's recommended applications because not all types of marble are suitable for a bathroom floor. Your marble tile may need to be sealed prior to grouting. This process will protect the marble against potential damage caused by water, dirt, and spills.

3. Select Your Favorite Stone-Cutting Technique

If you appreciate natural beauty, marble flooring might be the perfect material for your bathroom floor. Its beauty ranges from subtle to dramatic, depending on the type of marble you choose and how it's cut. Different stone-cutting techniques produce a variety of finishes that maximize the decorative appeal of marble. Vein-cut marble is cut to enhance the appearance of movement and produce a consistent veining pattern within a marble slab or tiles. Check out Silver Screen marble tile with a vein-cut finish for a stunning example of how this stone-cutting technique can enhance your bathroom floors. Cross-cut marble is cut at a 90-degree angle to the position that would have been used for vein-cut marble. Cross-cutting marble exposes more variety in patterns that are created by movement.

4. Opt for the Right Color

Marble comes in a variety of colors. The subtle beauty of white or cream marble, which is offered by Calacatta Gold or Carrara Gioia, will provide a serene atmosphere for your bathroom. Or you can go with a darker, richer shade to add a bit of elegance to your bathroom space. Try complementing your flooring—whether dark or light—with coordinating polished marble on your countertops or backsplash. Whatever your plan, choosing the right color marble can help make your decorative vision a reality.

Make your marble floor the foundation of your bathroom decor. Browse photos of available marble and decide on a level of movement, a finish, a stone-cutting technique, and the right color. Once you choose the perfect marble bathroom flooring option, add a backsplash and countertop that helps to coordinate and highlight the floor. You'll end up with a clean design that will look sleek for many years.

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