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Make Your Living Room Inspiration Come True with Tile

If you think tile is just for the bathroom, it's time to think again. Tile is a multifaceted material that can be incorporated into most kitchen and living room spaces. In fact, you can use tile to create any living room look, from a luxury lodge or a European villa, to a space that's practically fit for a palace. Here are some ways you can use tile to turn your living room inspiration into a reality.

Acacia Valley

Go against the Grain with Wood-Look Tile

It's not wood, but it sure looks like it is. Porcelain tile is so versatile that it can be manufactured to look like most natural flooring options, including wood. Acacia Valley ColorBody porcelain, for example, is made with the subtle shadings and the intricate grain pattern of real wood, but it has all the practicality of porcelain tile. When you use wood-look tile floors in your living room, you'll give the space a warm, natural look that's also easy to clean. Now that's a high-end style that's luxurious, too.

Let Nature's Glory Help Your Design Stand Out

The look of wood or carpet in the living room is always lovely, but if you want to make your space really stand out, then you'll want to try something new. For instance, try filling the living room with the look of marble, and letting the beauty of this natural stone bring out the best of your design. Marble Falls ceramic floor and wall tile looks stunning in the living room. It's made in natural shades, such as Gray Pearl and White Water, and it's designed with the dappled look and shading variations found in natural stone.

Set Any Design Apart with Marble

Make your living room design even more memorable with an accent from the Medallion Collection. These natural stone decorative accent medallions add detail to your floor that will bring life and color into the room. Add a burst of color with the Star Burst pattern, for example, or incorporate a high-contrast look with the Nova design. When you add a touch of sophistication with a medallion, you make your entire living room design look more intricate.

Make an Accent Pop with Mosaic Tile

The patterns and multiple colors of mosaic tiles are popular for the bathroom, but they can also be used in other areas of the home, too. For instance, use Serenade mosaic tile to make breathtaking living room inspiration ideas come to life. Why not cover the fireplace with a striking glass mosaic tile? Use mosaic tile to add a splash of color in the form of an accent strip on the wall, or use it to make accent shelves and other architectural features of the room stand out.


Incorporate Trendy Rustic Charm

Get inspired by the industrial design trend, and use tile to give your living room a gorgeous rustic look. The aged look of copper or wrought iron adds beautiful character to your space. For example, the Castle Metals ceramic floor and wall tile is made to look like metal, but it still features the practical qualities of ceramic. It can be cleaned easily, and its handsome patina is extremely appealing to the eye. Add it to your living room walls for a charming, rustic detail.

Tile isn't just for the bathroom and kitchen, after all. Get inspired and use tile to give your living room the look of wood, natural stone, metal, or anything else that catches your eye. Tile can do it all, and that means that it should be part of your design.

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