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How to Use Glass Tile to Create a Modern Look

Creating a modern design becomes easy with glass tile. The smooth shine, varied patterns, and amazing color shades allow you to create a truly cutting-edge look in any room of your home. Glass has been used in home design for thousands of years, and the process for making glass tile has been perfected. Today's modern methods allow glass to be formed into just about any color, size, and style. Tile made out of glass can be used virtually anywhere, and because of its versatile design, chances are that you'll want to feature it throughout your home.


Choose a Contemporary Color

In home design, trends come and go quickly. Everything had to be mirrored and detailed with gold leaf during the 1970s, for example, and there was a time when bamboo was all the rage. But color never goes out of style. Choosing a bold, vivid color will help make your space feel bright and alive. If you want your room to feel more restive and relaxing, go with a pale or pastel color. You can build a strong color foundation for any room by incorporating a unique tile pattern. For example, use Caprice glass tile to create a design that's solid in color, or create a pattern by mixing and matching various colored tiles.

Go with a Stylish Pattern

Modern home design is intricate and interesting. Your home should have life, movement, and a feature that draws the eye. The right tile pattern will check off all of those boxes, and will add more interest and depth to your space. For instance, a classic mosaic pattern is always a lively and eye-catching addition. Try using Crystal Shores mosaic tile to fuse your personality into your design.

Carefully Consider Placement

Where you put tile is just as important as choosing the right tile style. Tile can be used to create a lasting wall design that looks fresh and modern for many years. Not only is tile sturdy, but when it's placed in the right spot it can serve as an artistic focal point. A wall covered in Coastal Keystones mosaic tile will really make a room pop, for example. Consider the purpose of your space, and then strategically decide where to place tile—the walls, backsplash, and floors are popular areas.

Throw in Surprise Elements

Designing with tile in the bathroom and kitchen tends to be pretty straightforward, but a truly modern design includes a few surprises. Get creative with tile, and don't shy away from using it as a way to add eye-popping style to your space. Use glass tile to create an accent wall or an accent molding strip around the room, for example. You can also put it in entryways to wow guests as soon as they enter your home or around fireplaces.

Glass tiles aren't just pretty, they're practical. And a well-designed home takes style to the next level. It's resistant to moisture and damage, which makes it suitable for the kitchen, bathroom, spa, and anywhere else in your home with a sink or water source nearby. The best style is one that's going to last you for many years.

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