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How to Design the Walk-In Shower of Your Dreams

If the master bathroom is your official relaxation spot in your home, then your walk-in shower is your oasis. And you deserve a luxurious space to retreat to at the end of a long day. Building the shower of your dreams takes careful planning and flawless execution. But it also requires your creativity and an understanding of your preferred materials.

The first step in putting together your perfect walk-in shower is to figure out what design style you want to incorporate. Do you prefer a dramatic, bold bathroom environment or a nature-inspired one? A relaxing spa setting or a Tuscan-villa style? Once you hammer down the look and feel you are going for, it's time to find the materials that meet your vision.

Consider Quartzite-Look

Inspired by the quartzite found in the Swiss Alps, the Ambassador line lends sophisticated styling wherever it is used. The distinct grain of this porcelain tile reflects eons of stratification that is typical of natural quartzite. In addition, the large-format sizes (24 x 24, 12 x 24, and 24 x 48) allow for endless design possibilities. For example, you could go with large-format tile on the walls of your walk-in shower to give the space a grandiose, streamlined look. Choose from light-polished and unpolished finishes to meet your walk-in shower design goals.

Think Monochromatic

If simple spaces help you to relax, try incorporating a design that uses multiple sizes or shapes of tile in a single color. Use different sizes of floor, wall, and trim tiles to give your space added dimension, while still utilizing the color of your choice in a few different shades. If you want to incorporate pops of color, use mosaic tiles as decorative trim around your mirrors, alcoves, or lights. This will help to enhance your overall bathroom design that features your walk-in shower as the centerpiece.

Select the Proper Tile

You have likely spent considerable time researching and choosing the perfect tile for your shower. Don't let your efforts go to waste and use the following tips to make sure you're following through with a job well done:

  • Check the specs on your tile to make sure it is rated for wet applications.
  • Select different tiles for the floor and walls of your shower if your favorite tile isn't rated for shower floors.
  • Apply grout thoroughly to keep your tile water-resistant.
  • Make sure your shower tile is installed correctly.

Whether your style is eccentric and bold, or more simple and classic, there are plenty of design tips at your disposal when building your ideal walk-in shower. Start by choosing the right tile, and then choose the remainder of your materials to make your design dreams come true.

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