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How to Design a Modern Living Room Using Tile

The clean, simple elegance of a modern living room design is a look that's not going out of style anytime soon. If you want to make your space stand apart from other designs, you should fill it with amazing accents that will draw the eye and give it a truly luxurious appearance.

Luckily, you can make this happen by choosing the right tiles. Imagine a living room that features simple leather furnishings and glass coffee tables, and is accented by beautiful artistic tile. You can place tile on the fireplace, floors, and walls to really make your living room pop. Here's how to achieve the modern living room look you've been wanting.

Choose Exquisite Tile Flooring

Tile isn't just for the bathroom and kitchen floors. It also looks great in a modern living room when you choose the right option. For example, Skybridge glazed ceramic tile looks great when used in an industrial chic design. Its clean lines and neutral colors will give your room an airy, streamlined look, while still appearing modern. It resembles concrete, requires minimal maintenance, and is easy to clean.

Wood-look and stone-look tile are unique options that are just as luxurious-looking as the real thing. River MarbleColorBody porcelain tile looks like authentic natural stone. River Marble features the same striations and color variations as real marble, giving it an authentic look, and it's available in a variety of gorgeous natural shades.

Embellish the Walls with Accent Tiles

You can take your living room to a whole new level by adding accent tile to the walls. For instance, instead of going with standard chair rail or crown molding, consider adding a strip of tile to the wall. This can be a great way to add both color and texture to your design.


The Fashion Accents and Illustrations lines, for example, feature a variety of glass, metal, and natural stone mosaic tile options, and are perfect for adding a special touch to your living room. They're available in a number of tile shapes, patterns, and colors, which ensures that your final result will be a marvelously modern living room space.

Make Your Fireplace a Stand-Out Feature

By covering your fireplace with mosaic tile, you can transform it into a true feature of your modern living room design. You can opt for glass or metallic mosaic tiles, which will catch and reflect the light, glittering and gleaming as the firelight dances across them.

Slate Radiance tile, for example, features a neutral mosaic pattern that will brighten up the room and give your fireplace a gorgeous frame. If you want something a bit more neutral, try going with mosaic field tile in a single, lighter color, which will still highlight and turn your fireplace into a focal point.

The right furniture and color scheme go a long way toward creating a modern style in any room. However, you can further amplify your contemporary look by incorporating tile into your design. Tile comes in a variety of options, from the beauty of natural stone to the glitter of glass, which will allow you to truly add your personality to your space and make it stand out.

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