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How to Design a Modern Bathroom

A modern bathroom design is a stylish way to express your creativity and give your home a cutting-edge look. Your bathroom should feel comfortable and functional, but it should also be visually appealing. One of the best elements for creating a modern design is tile. Here are some inspirational tips on how to incorporate it into your bathroom renovation project:

Choose the Right Materials

Modern style is all about choosing the right materials, so the tiles you decide on should be made of materials that look modern and fresh. Remember that you aren't limited to just ceramic or porcelain tiles. For a modern design, try incorporating tiles that looks like metal or glass, which are glossy and eye-catching. The following types of tile come in an array of options and will help make your bathroom a one-of-a-kind space:

  • Metallic: Try brightening up your bathroom with the eye-catching properties of Metallica or Ion Metals decorative tile accents. The brushed stainless steel look will give your space a clean, modern feel. If you're going for a more modern retro look, try incorporating oxidized copper-color tile into your design.
  • Glass: For an alluring bathroom design, try creating a stunning mosaic accent wall using Crystal Shores tile. This will serve as an artistic conversation piece that will be sure to draw all sorts of attention.
  • Porcelain: City View porcelain tiles are available in simple, classic colors that are styled to look modern and fresh for years to come. Tile your floor with the District Gold or Urban Evening option for a timeless look that will tie your room together.

Crystal Shores

Incorporate Modern Elements

Certain design elements look a lot more modern than others, and the elements you choose to include in your design will determine how modern your space looks. Here are a few areas to consider for a modern look:

  • Colors: You can give your bathroom a modern look by choosing the right color scheme. A monochrome look, for example, is an easy way to convey a modern look. Using one color makes the lines of the room stand out and draw emphasis to the design. If a monochrome design feels a little too plain, try a high-contrast look and use two complementary colors that play against each other. Using bright pops of orange or pink against gray or blue shades, for example, will create a dramatic look. Try pairing warm colors, such as reds and pinks, against cooler colors, such as greens and blues, to add high contrast to the design.
  • Patterns: If you choose a classic tile pattern that will never go out of style, it will always look contemporary. Subway tile, for example, has a timeless look to it. You also don't always have to use a plain, simple tile pattern to make the room feel vibrant. Use tiles in two or more color shades to give the room a lively, multi-toned look. Even slight color variations will make it look more vibrant, especially if you're laying tile out in a basic square pattern instead of something more elaborate.
  • Shapes: Fill the bathroom with clean lines and simple geometric shapes. Ornate and elaborate designs have a way of looking too busy, distracting, and old fashioned. Try placing tile in straight patterns with clean lines to give the entire room a crisp, streamlined look. Keeping it simple will not only look modern, but will emphasize the quality and beauty of the materials you're using.

A modern bathroom will never go out of style. Modern design is all about basic, elegant elements and well-placed accents that draw the eye. If you can successfully design a room that's clean, simple, and beautiful, it is sure to be a space that you'll love for a long time.

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