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How a Metal Backsplash Can Modernize Your Space

Metal can be used as a design element for a variety of reasons: as part of industrial-style decor, to add texture or contrast, or to heighten the richness and drama of a room. Because of this versatility, stainless steel, copper, bronze, and nickel look backsplashes have become a hot trend for kitchens and bathrooms. Although the idea of a metal backsplash may conjure up thoughts of a clinical or commercial space, today's modern styles often incorporate metal finishes into home decor in new and exciting ways. With many options available, a metal backsplash can work in a modern or traditional home, a rustic farmhouse, or a sleek contemporary space. From sheets of stainless steel, to aged bronze, to tiles with stamped patterns, a metallic backsplash is a chic, modern addition to your kitchen or bath.

Apart from protecting walls in and around the cooking area, a backsplash balances your kitchen design and serves a focal point. Recently, you may have noticed that more homes feature unexpected backsplash materials, including metal, concrete, and even customized artistic designs. This industrial style is a current design trend that incorporates minimalistic elements and metal finishes into home design. In the kitchen, industrial-style accents such as pendant lights and brushed stainless steel appliances work well with a metal backsplash. The sleek, cool tones of the Urban Metals stainless steel field tiles fit both traditional and transitional styles by adding a dramatic accent to kitchens with wood cabinets and hardwood flooring.

When added to a kitchen with white or wood cabinets, a metal backsplash adds a contemporary vibe that's sleek but not stark. It's available in simple field tiles or as ornate accent tiles. So, whether you decide to cover the entire wall that runs behind your sink and appliances, or tile just a small area, such as the space behind the range, a metal backsplash will add a special flair to your kitchen.

Pick the Perfect Spot

Metallic backsplashes are popular in many commercial kitchens due to their incredible durability and protective qualities. Impervious metals handle water and grease spills with ease, and stainless-steel backsplashes are often just as easy to clean and maintain as your stainless-steel appliances. All you have to do is simply wipe them down with water and mild soap as needed. Metal look tiles have the benefits of porcelain and the look of metal which makes them stain- and scratch-resistant, as well as impervious to oxidation.

If you have a small bathroom, a shimmering backsplash can add reflective qualities to help brighten up your space. Using a mosaic that combines glass and copper- or silver-toned metal tile behind a mirror can transform a small wall into a bathroom showpiece. For the ultimate in versatile chic, add the gray tones of antique nickel to your bathroom area. The dramatic contrast to white vanities creates a stunning look that works well in both contemporary or rustic bathrooms.

Choose the Right Metal

Once you decide that you like the look of a metal look backsplash, you'll have to decide on the specific color you want to use. One option is stainless steel, which is elegant and meshes easily with modern kitchens. For example, check out the Urban Metals field wall brick-joint tile, which puts a twist on the popular subway tile look. The classic brick pattern has been updated with the sleek luster of stainless steel to create a backsplash all of your neighbors will be talking about. On the other hand, if you prefer smaller, mosaic backsplash patterns, take a look at the Metallica series, which features penny rounds, hexagons, and other trendy geometric shapes.

Bronze is another popular metal color option. If you have a farmhouse-style kitchen or bathroom, aged bronze accents offer the perfect amount of character to enhance the rustic feel of your interior. And if you're a traditionalist who loves the cozy feel of a rustic, country kitchen, consider adding the warm beauty of bronze to your space. Bronze-color brick-joint tiles, which are similar to the stainless-steel options, will give any space a warm, cozy feel. These bronze tiles can fill your backsplash or serve as a liner at the bottom of wall, just above the counter. Bronze metals also complement the natural beauty of stone tiles.

Add Fashionable Accents

In modern kitchens, the shimmer of warm metals can add a touch of elegant beauty. Copper is a popular metal color that can be used in farmhouse-style or modern kitchens. Copper Brix mosaic tile blends seamlessly with larger format tiles on the kitchen backsplash. The results are an understated, yet still unique and stunning, backsplash. Note that this style also works well as the backdrop to a higher, more modern kitchen faucet.

Metallic accents can also provide a perfect natural delineation to break up larger kitchen backsplashes. Rather than covering an entire surface with the same neutral tile, use metal to add interest without bringing in additional colors. You can also incorporate a row of larger decorative metal tiles amid a smaller mosaic pattern for a unique backsplash design, or place metal tiles between two shelves to break up a large space. If your goal is to add texture, decorative tiles with stamped patterns can also be inserted as accents within a wall tile pattern.

If you're working in an area with metal fixtures that cannot be easily duplicated, you still have design options available if you wish to add a metal backsplash. In fact, "mixed metals" is a noted trend and, with proper balance, can work in your kitchen. One option is to stay within the family of cool metals, including silver or gray tones. This will provide the subtle contrast you desire. Another option is to pair darker nickel tiles on your backsplash and use them as a backdrop to stainless steel appliances or chrome fixtures. To make a bolder statement, consider mixing warmer bronze tiles, copper pendant lights, or brass fixtures with a cooler-toned stainless steel.

The stunning and incomparable beauty of a metal look backsplash can transform your kitchen or bath with one simple design project. Whether you use stainless steel, bronze, or copper, it will create a dramatic focal point that you will enjoy for years to come.

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